The Greatest Thing: Perseverance

The road to perseverance is a hard but rewarding thing


Perseverance is a great thing. It is a way for people to overcome adversity. When people persevere they discover a new pert of themselves. They learn that they are capable of things they never knew about themselves. When going through the experience one must have ambition and determined that they will triumph. If one wishes to overcome their adversity that they must not become overwhelmed or they will never succeed.

Jackie Robinson (Cause and Effect)

Racism and segregation has been around forever. And it will probably never go away. When Jackie Robinson came into the MLB he changed the way people look at African-American’s for the better. He was able to break the color barrier and pave the way for other black’s. But it wasn't that easy. He didn't have the luxury of being able to react. If he reacted to all the hate then it would prove to white's that black's shouldn't be able to play ball. But even through all the hate he was able to get through it. With the help of his family and the help of Branch Rickey he successfully broke the color barrier.

Eleanor Roosevelt (Sequence)

When Eleanor was born her parents thought of her as a disappointment. Eleanor was also bullied throughout all her years at school. When her parents died she went to live with her grandmother. Her grandmother's home was no place for a child. She then went to a private school and things started to get better. After school she met a man named "Teddy" Roosevelt. She ended up marrying him and he later became the president of the United States. When this happened she wanted to give back. She helped people who were in trouble. She did this even after her husband was diagnosed with polio. All the way up until her death she gave back.

Winston Churchill (Compare and Contrast)

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Losing to Win (Problem Solution)

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Kid President (Description)

Robby Novak is known as a YouTube star a.k.a. "Kid President.' The things he says and does is, not only amazing, but shows great resilience. Both him and his sister have a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, or OI. This means that the bones in his body aren't strong as any other person. This also means that he can break and/or fracture bones more easily. Every couple months or so he has to get an infusion to make his bones stronger. Him and his sister combined have broken 150 bones. Even through this great adversity he is able to do what he does. He remains a positive happy-go-lucky kid. In his YouTube videos he post humerus and funny videos about how he can make the world awesome.


From all the amazing people above it is very clear what a little perseverance can do. When faced with adversity, one must not shy away, they should try to find a way to conquer it. When faced with an adversity one must know what they are trying to get to. If they don't all their work will be for nothing. If they know their goal all they need is a little from friends and they will discover a new part of themselves. With this new part they discovered they can do anything they set their mind upon. If they want to make a musical group they will know what it takes and they will meet that challenge. It just goes to show what a little determination and perseverance can do.