Ashley Brown 2\15\2014 A4

Simple quick Facts about Sapphire

Sapphire's chemical formula is Al2O3

Other names for sapphire cornflower blue sapphire.kashmire sapphire and star sapphire

Is the birthstone for the month of september

General description

Sapphire comes in the colors White , colorless, green , yellow ,pink ,purple ,gray .black and also is multicolored

It is used in all forms of jewlery . Some types are rings,bracetlets,necklace and earrings. It is used as a center piece in rings and pedants.

Sapphire is Very common and expensive

Sapphire can be found all over the world China,Australia and kashmir

This gemstone gets a heat treatment to inchance the color or somtimes they change de inchance it for color

Other interseting information

Sapphire is the most popular Gemstone

Can easiy be broken if not taken care of

The hardness is 9

Its crystal shape is Hexogonal