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Week of August 31st

What a great first week!

We are off and running in 4th grade! I have had a great week getting to know your kiddos. They are picking up on our routines and expectations very quickly. Thank you to everyone who has sent in supplies and wish list items. I thank you, and your children thank you for helping them be prepared.

A few reminders…

  • If your child is going home a different way than normally, you must send in a change of transportation slip. And also please remind your child to turn the slip in to me in the morning. It is very challenging when they remember that they are going home a different way at 2:00 and try to tell the special areas teacher they are with. Thank you for your help with this.

  • Yes, you can, and are encouraged to, help your child with their homework! Homework is practice and I do not grade it. The students check their own homework to see if they are on the right track. I use formative assessments in the class to check for mastery. If you find that your child is struggling with a certain assignment, write me a note and I will be sure to work with them.

  • Please remember to sign your child’s agenda every day. I use the agenda as a form of daily communication. Keep an eye out for those ABC stamps! If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to read through the Student Handbook located in the front of your child’s agenda.

Last Week: In Reading, we’ve been working on reviewing rules and expectations of reader’s workshop (what it looks like and sounds like), how to choose “just right” books (students have a chart in their notebooks to look at when choosing books), and “Buzzing” with their partner (sharing their thinking). I also modeled for them how to complete their “Text of the Week” homework assignments, which will begin this week. The TOTW is used to help students practice different reading skills that we’re covering in class. They will be given a new text each Monday to work on throughout the entire week. They will have a different assignment to work on each day Monday through Thursday (they have a list of these assignments in their reader’s notebooks).

In Math, we reviewed place value up to 1 million, understanding the value of a given digit within the place value chart, 3 forms of a # (standard, word, and expanded), and compared #’s up to 1 million. On Friday, students were given a formative to see how well they understood these concepts.

In Writing, students were given a prompt to respond to for their 1st cold write. They were to write about a time they had fun. This cold write will not be part of their grade for the 1st six weeks, it is just to see where they are as writers.

In Social Studies students learned about the three regions of North Carolina (mountain, piedmont, and coastal plains), resources within the three regions, and ways that people live off the land.

Next Week:

In Reading, we will focus our thinking as we read. We will stop and jot our thoughts in order to better understand the text and prepare for writing reading responses. Students will focus on visualizing, making connections, and asking questions as they read.

In Math, we will review addition and subtraction using the standard algorithm. We will also start rounding numbers to various places up to the hundred thousands place. Friday will be our first assessment. You can help your child study by encouraging them to look through their notes and math book.

In Writing, we will begin gathering ideas for a personal narrative piece. This is going to be focused on a small moment in their life. The students will gain inspiration by making a timeline of their lives, thinking about special places and events, “firsts” and “lasts”, and “bests and worsts”. They will learn the steps of the writing process and understand that good writers are constantly revising.

In Social Studies we will continue learning about the three regions of North Carolina. The students will begin creating a brochure encouraging tourists to visit North Carolina.

Upcoming Dates and Events:

9/4 - Spirit Wear Friday

9/4 - Math Test (place value, value of a digit, 3 forms of a #, comparing and ordering #’s)

9/4- Visit NC Brochure Due (in class assignment)

9/9- Social Studies Test

9/10 - Reading Test

9/11 - Spirit Wear Friday

9/11 - Math Test (addition, subtraction, and rounding)

9/11 - Reading Response Due (in class assignment)