Major Muscle Groups

The muscles of the back

Location of the muscles

There are a number of muscles located in the back which include;

The Rhomboids

The Deltoid (the posterior and lateral deltoid heads can be seen)

The Latissimus dorsi

Teres minor

Teres major

Quadratus lumboratum

The erector spine

Muscle Information:

The Rhomboids are the rhombus shaped muscles associated with the scapula. The rhombus muscles are responsible for the retraction of the scapula. There are 2 rhomboid muscles which are named:

The Rhomboid major

The Rhomboid minor

The Deltoids are the rounded shaped muscle off the shoulder, it is made up of 3 heads which are:

The front deltoid

The lateral deltoid

The rear (posterior) deltoid

The deltoids are the prime mover of arm abduction along the frontal plane.

The Latissimus dorsi is the large muscle in the back which is partly covered by the trapezius, it is responsible for extension, adduction, transverse, extension.

The Teres minor is the narrow, elongated muscle of the rotator cuff. This along with the infraspinatus attach to the head of the humerus; as part of the rotator cuff they help hold the humeral head in the glenoid cavity of the scapula. They help the rear deltoid to externally rotate the humerus, as well as performing transverse adduction, extension and transverse extension.

The Teres major is a muscle of the upper limb, it is a thick but flattened type of muscle. The teres major is a medial rotator and adductor of the humerus and assists the latissimus dorsi in drawing the previously raised humerus downward and backward (extension). It helps to also stabilise the humeral head in the glenoid cavity.