What is it and Why?

What is Acute Stress?

Acute stress is the most common form of stress. It comes from demands and pressures of the recent past and anticipated demands and pressures of the near future. Too much of this form of stress can be very exhausting.

Michel de Montaigne said, “my life is full of terrible misfortune; most of which has never happened”

Acute Stress in Emergency Situations

According to Dr.Andre Droog, being a pilot is very stressful. They have to deal with many things such as, Human lives being in their hands, and flying over 1000 pounds of mechanical machinery. He has developed an organization that organizes biannually to encourage pilots to share their latest findings and experiences dealt with while flying. The organization is called European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP). The group starts by talking about their problems in front of others who struggle with the same issues, after time they do activities that help promote positive mindsets and confidence. This is a healthy way for pilots with PTSD and other forms of stress related issues to be helped and treated

Chesley Sullenberger

Captain of US Airways flight 1549, which he successfully landed in the Hudson River during an emergency landing. He overcame a very stressful situation and managed to save 150 people. When his plane struck a flock of Canadian geese, both engines failed. He managed to steer the plane and land it in the Hudson River located in New York.
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Chesley Sullenberger

“I never knew in 42 years that there would be 208 seconds on which my entire career would be judged,”

How can Stress affect you?

Stress related Illnesses

When a person is stressed, the chances of developing an illness is far greater than someone who isn't stressed.

One major one is Coronary Heart Disease. This is when vessels in your body that supply the heart with nourishment get clogged up. Over time this begins to cause chest pain and even in severe cases, Death.

Obesity and Diabetes are also major factors when a person becomes stressed. Many people eat when they are stressed because it makes them feel somewhat better. But as time goes on and they keep eating, it eventually begins to take a toll on their health.

Depression and Anxiety are very similar to Obesity and Diabetes because they are close in relation. Depression and Anxiety are often brought on by stress because of the constant worry. Both Depression and Anxiety can be brought on by coping with stress in the wrong ways.

Want to learn more about Stress?

The information provided below is from the American Psychological Association (APA). The website is very informative and has many tips on how to deal with stress.