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April News Splash

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A Special Good Bye to James Winkler

Or better known as No Dance Rags Winkler! We wish James and Jennifer and their children the best of luck as they move to Budapest, Hungary for 3 years to pursue new adventures. James has been a lot of fun to have on the team these past few years. We have so many good memories to remember him by. It's been hard to get to know him at early morning workouts when he is very quiet, but we have really bonded over swim meets and team trips. So for one "last night" we would like to honor him with a small party. Tues. April 28 6:30 pm at Hanz and Franz Restaurant. We are planning a team trip to visit him in 2017 as the World's Masters Championships will be there.

Main Street Fridays Team Social

Friday, April 17th, 6pm

220 North Main Street

Greenville, SC

Join us to listen to live music in front of the Hyatt at NOMA Square in Greenville. The band will be Blind Lemon Phillips which is a blues/rock band. This is a fun way to see all your teammates from all the different pools.
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Upstate Splash Open Water Swim

Join us this August as Greenville Splash hosts the inaugural Upstate Splash Open Water Swim. This premier event will be held in the beautiful pristine waters of Lake Jocassee in Salem, South Carolina. Two courses will be offered: 1.2 and 2.4 mile. Enjoy the alluring open water and gorgeous mountain views while participating in this magnificent swimming event. Proceeds from the event will support our vision to promote water safety awareness and provide swim lessons for those in need in the Upstate area. Register now to swim or volunteer at

Upcoming Events

April 17

Team Social: Main Street Fridays at NOMA Square 6:00 pm.

April 28

"Last Night" Dinner for James Winkler at Hanz and Franz Restaurant 6:30 pm

May 7-10
YMCA Nationals, Sarasota, Florida
We are excited to have 20 swimmers going: Jerry Anguiano, Sara Bopp, Amy Browning, John Coudriet, Susan DeMere, Stephanie Hance, Rick Haverland, Janice Hebel, Troy McAlister, Carolyn Moore, Stephanie Nagele, Casey Oliver, Tiffany Ours, Susan Parsons, Cheryl Quinn, Pam Rogers, Wesley Sawyer, Leslie Scott, Tyler Scott, Warren White

Entries due to Leslie by April 8

May 30
Lowcountry Splash Open Water Swim 2.4 and 5 mile, Charleston, SC

June 6

Beaufort River Swim 3 Mile

June 6

LCM Swim Meet at University of Georgia, Athens, GA

July 12

Ridges 5K Open Water Swim Lake Chatuge, Hiawassee, GA

July 24-26
Dixie Zone LCM Championships, Greenville, SC (This is a big team event)

August 15

Lake Lure Olympiad 1 mile and 5K Open Water Swim, Lake Lure, NC

August 21-23

Growler Invitational SCY Swim Meet, Mt. Pleasant, SC

August 29
Greenville Splash hosts the Upstate Splash Open Water Event at Lake Jocassee

1.2 and 2.4 Mile

September 26

Swim Around Charleston 12 Mile Open Water, Solo or Relay


The results are in for Top Ten in United States Masters Swimming. Greenville Splash made quite a show! USMS records times from every swim meet around the country for 2014, the top ten swimmers in each age group are recognized in USMS. We had 6 individual swimmers and 20 relays to earn top ten honors. So all those relays that Coach Leslie made you swim, paid off! I am sure Jack Read will agree. Congratulations everyone!

Short Course Meters

Carolyn Moore 50, 100, 200 breast, 100 fly, 100 and 200 IM

Kristi Panayotoff 200 fly

Mark Kothe 100 fly

200 Free Mixed Relay 200+ Leslie Scott, Carolyn Moore, Troy McAlister, Mark Kothe

Short Course Yards

Carolyn Moore 50 free, 50, 100, 200 breast, 100 fly, 100, 200, 400 IM

Susan DeMere 100, 200 back

Long Course Meters

Kiah Bellows 100 Breast, 200 IM

Carolyn Moore 50, 100 Breast, 200 IM

Kelly Gillig 200 IM


400 Free 160+ Mark Kothe, Jack Read, Blake Leche, Chris Harrigan

400 Medley 200+ Jim Osborn, Craig Coleman, Blake Leche, Scott Brown

800 Free 200+ Mark Kothe, Jack Read, Doug Long, Piotr Zwolski

400 Free 240+ Doug Long, Rick Haverland, Jim Osborn, Will McWhorter

400 Medley 240+ Bill Robertson, Dwight Schaeffer, Rick Haverland, Don Misko

200 & 400 Medley 100+ Casey Oliver, Melissa Odorisio, Kiah Bellows, Brooke Larson

400 Free 160+ Casey Oliver, Amy Browning, Leslie Scott, Carolyn Moore

800 Free 160+ Casey Oliver, Leslie Scott, Janice Hebel, Carolyn Moore

400 Medley 200+ Carolyn Moore, Leslie Scott, Kelly Gillig, Tracy King

400 Medley 200+ Chris Gibbs, Janice Hebel, Amy Browning, Melissa Coleman

200 & 400 Free Mixed 72+ Kiah Bellows, Taylor McAlister, Casey Oliver, Jeff Lim

400 Medley Mixed 120+ Casey Oliver, Amy Browning, Chris Harrigan, Jack Read

400 Free Mixed 160+ Tracy King, Derek Eisenbrei, Leslie Scott, Blake Leche

400 Medley Mixed 160+ Sara Bopp, Janice Hebel, Derek Eisenbrei, James Winkler

400 Free Mixed 200+ Carolyn Moore, Jack Read, Janice Hebel, Mark Kothe

400 Medley Mixed 200+ Doug Long, Leslie Scott, Piotr Zwolski, Carolyn Moore

400 Free Mixed 240+ Kelly Gillig, Chris Gibbs, Jim Osborn, Doug Long

Saturday Underwater Fun!

Splashing Accomplishments

Kudos to Richard Dacey for his amazing 4th place finish at the Columbia Triathlon!

Great job to our swimmers at some recent away meets:

Doug Long competes to first place finishes at the Snag Holmes Invitaitonal in Florida.

Pam Rogers rocks the St. Pete Masters Championships with several first places!

Susan DeMere and Kristi Panatoyoff had stellar first place wins at the North Carolina SCY Championships in Raleigh.

Best wishes to Kristen Schultz! She moved to Bay City, Michigan. She is missed already.

Freestyle Tips

Many beginner swimmers have difficulty with the catch, a shallow stroke and a short stroke. Take time to set up the catch. Enter your hand directly in front of your shoulder. Anchor your hand and point your fingers down. Make sure you are deep. Keep your elbow high and push the water backwards. Maintain pressure on your paddle (hand and forearm). Now is the time to accelerate your hand backwards to your thigh and press aggressively, use your whole forearm. Keep your elbow high and push all the way through for a longer more efficient stroke. Watch this video of Olympian, Nathan Adrian to pick up a few pointers.
Nathan Adrian | Freestyle Stroke - Swim Technique


Sunday April 26 Special Workout at Middle Tyger 1:00pm

We will do a short workout and practice starts. All swimmers welcome. If you are not an Upstate member then the cost is $5.00.

Bubble Removal Day

GHS Friday April 24 and Caine Halter Tues. April 21

Workout Schedule:

We have some new workouts at Middle Tyger with Coach Kris Dunning Mon- Thurs 7-8 pm

Caine Halter: MTuWF 6-7am, M 12-1pm, W 6:30-7:30pm

GHS: MTuTh 5:30-6:30am, MW 6:30-7:30, Th 12-1pm, Sat 8-9:15am

Team Sponsors

Eyecarecenter, Dr. Sara Bopp, Simpsonville

McAlister Design Inc. Custom Automated Machinery and Robotics