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Oil, Oil, Oil.

Venezuela is one of the largest oil producers in the world. As a matter of fact, it is the 5th largest oil producer on Earth. (At least they're not the number one gas producer in the world.) For over a century, Venezuela has been providing oil for many countries. Plus, the money received from the production and exportation of oil account for approximately half of the money given to the Venezuelan government. If you think about it, that is a very, very, very large amount of money. Although oil brings in a lot of money for Venezuela, the extraction of oil severely disfigures the environment. Much of Venezuela's coast on the Caribbean Sea is polluted with oil. Many oil spills and leaks endanger and could potentially cause the extinction of land and sea animals. Think of the baby sea turtles! Not to mention, the pollution of the water makes it hard for fishermen to make a living. Also, Venezuela has now become one of the largest Carbon Dioxide producing countries in the world if not the largest. Such high levels of carbon dioxide can cause breathing complications in the elderly and young children. In fact, it can even cause breathing problems in perfectly healthy adults if exposed to high levels of this deathly gas for an extended amount of time. Carbon dioxide is also very smelly. Scientists believe that carbon dioxide contributes to global warming because it tends to trap warm air at the surface of the earth, instead of letting it rise. (Baby polar bears are dying.) To help control this massive issue, I think that legislation preventing too much extraction of oil should be made. Also, I believe that companies should be fined if they are the cause of an oil spill or leak. This will force companies to make the necessary precautions to avoid being fined.
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The Economy of Brazil

Brazil has many, many trading partners. The top three trading partners of Brazil are China, the USA, and Argentina. Number 1 is China (你好) , receiving 41.2% of Brazil's exports. Then, number 2 is the USA (hello) , receiving 26.7%, and finally, Argentina (hola) is number 3, receiving 18%. For the imports, China is number one, with Brazil receiving 34.2% of Chinese goods, the USA shipping 32.4% of their goods to Brazil, and Argentina shipping 16.4% of their goods to Brazil. The #1 import for Brazil is refined petroleum. Brazil gets the majority of its refined petroleum from the United States. Brazil's #1 export is iron ore. In fact, Brazil is the third largest producer of iron ore in the world, right behind China and Australia, at 390 million metric tons in 2011. The literacy rate of Brazil is 92.6%, and the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is 2.246 trillion US dollars. The GDP value of Brazil represents 3.78% of the world's economy. Although it doesn't seem like much, there are 196 countries in the world, so, on average, each country should represent a little more than .5% of the world's economy. Yet Brazil's economy represents 3.78 whole percent! (I love math. It's super cool and fun.)
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The Government of Cuba!!!!!!!

Cuba has an Autocratic type of government. Because of this, you can infer that Cuba has a Unitary government. In these systems and types of governments, all power is given to a single person. Citizens have little to no say in all matters. Cuba is no exception. They have a dictator, but he calls himself the "president". (Just like Mr. Banas. He says he's a teacher, but he's secretly a dictator hoping to implant false knowledge in everyone's brain, ultimately taking over the world. That's right, I'm onto you.) The current leader of Cuba is Raúl Castro. He will rule until either he gives up the throne to someone else, is overthrown, or dies. (*cough Banas Revolution *cough)

↓ Not my political cartoon. It's my picture for Cuba. ↓

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The Aztecs

According to the legends of the Aztecs, they originated from Aztlan, which is somewhere in northern, modern Mexico. The Aztecs settled in an uninhabited island in Lake Tetzcoco. This settlement is estimated to be established somewhere from 1325 to 1345. This settlement was named Tenochtitlan by the Aztecs. The Aztecs were a ferocious, war-seeking tribe, and they were surrounded by tribes that they had made their enemies. The Aztecs believed that their patron god was Huitzilopochtli, who was the god of the sun and the god of war. They believed that he drove the "creatures of darkness", or the moon and stars, out of the sky each morning, and died every evening. As a result, he needs strength to drive the "creatures of darkness" out of the sky the next morning. His diet is human blood. Because of this, the Aztecs frequently sacrificed the captives of their common wars. Eventually, in March 1519, Hernan Cortes invaded Tenochtitlan. He conquered the Aztecs because the Aztecs believed that he was a god. They welcomed him, and practically invited their inevitable death into the city (Kinda dumb if you ask me). And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the end of the civilization of the Aztecs.
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How To Get Rid of A Cuban Dictator

1. He Is Overthrown

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2. He gives up his throne

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3. He dies

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