St. Nicholas's Copper

Quick facts

Nickel is a silver and lustrous Metal, with a relative atomic mass of about 58.6934. It belongs to group 10 on the periodic table, and an atomic number of 28. The symbol for Nickel is Ni. It belongs to period 4 and is classified as a metal.

The devil's copper

Nickel was discovered by Axel Fredrik Cronstedt in 1751 at Sweden. The name originated from "kupfernickel", also referred to as st.nicholas's copper or the devils copper. Nickel was discovered when Cronstedt tried to extract copper from a mineral but instead got a silvery metallic substance, wich was named nickel.

What it's used for


Melting point: 1728 [1455 °C (2651 °F)] K

Boiling point: 3186 [2913 °C (5275 °F)] K

Density of solid: 8908 kg m‑

Human Biology

Nickel is an important part of the Human diet. Studies have shown rats and chickens have liver problems when they feed on liver-deficient diets.

Where it's found

Nickel is found in many meteorites, and there is a very large iron-nickel alloy deposit in Greenland.


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