Male Hygiene

the importance of hygiene in young males

Stay Healthy!

Here are some tips to keep your reproductive system healthy!

  1. Cleanliness: Make sure to thoroughly clean the external organs (such as the penis and scrotum) and dry them well so you don't develop fungal infections that can cause jock itch.
  2. Sexual Abstinence: Sexual contact can cause serious infections of the reproductive system and other body systems. Refrain from sexual activity to stay away from sexually transmitted infections!
  3. Protection From Trauma: During athletic activities, males should wear a protector, or "cup." Tight clothes can also irritate pr cause pain in the groin area. Be careful when lifting heavy objects! Pressure in the abdomen when lifting heavy objects can push intestines out of the area it's usually in, causing a hernia.
  4. Self-Exams: Monitor your own body for any signs of possible medical problems. If you have pain when urinating, unusual discharges, or sores on the genitals, you should go to the doctor and get a medical exam. You should also examine your testes for signs of testicular cancer.
  5. Medical Checkups: Medical exams can ensure your reproductive health! Doctors can diagnose things like prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate, or infertility- the condition of being unable to reproduce.