college project

Jordyn Kerr

what school and location/ there color and mascot?

The is NYU in New York City. Their color is violet and they are the bobcats.

History, interesting facts, activities students can join, and why I chose NYU

NYU is founded in 1831 by Albert Gallatin. He served as secretary of treasury under presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

I chose NYU because it's in New York, they have a dance team, and they also offer summer courses.

The student of NYU can join track and field, ice hockey, and dance team

Interesting Facts: One of the largest private universities in the U.S. many famous actors and artist graduated from NYU, and total of 5,873 freshmen enrollment.

Requirements, cost of tuition, cost of room, financial deadline for fall

The cost of tuition is $52,614 and the room and board fees are $7,942. The deadline for financial aid in fall is on April 1,2016. The requirements are that the high school students must completed 3-4 year of foreign language, 3-4 year of mathematics, and 4 year of English with a heavy emphasis on writing.

Choices of majors, what I would do with my degree, and salary.

I would want to go for a Maters in dance and PHD in economics. I want to become a dance teacher where they can make $70,000 in New York.