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Classroom Collaboration Tools for Seventh Graders

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Classroom Collaboration

The photo above represents how some teachers may have the tools necessary to use technology but they lack methods and technique. As a result, their classrooms struggle. Technology has become a necessity in classrooms all around the world. It serves as a great way to keep kids engaged and interacting in numerous ways. There are many applications that teachers can use to bring knowledge into the classroom. Being tech savvy can appear like a daunting challenge but using this newsletter can help show you the many ways that you can help your students learn new things using technology! The learning process is a great way for teachers and students to collaborate and invent new ways to teach and learn.


YouTube is a great tool to use in the classroom! There are many videos on the web that can help students if they need reinforcement in a specific subject. YouTube is always a great resource because it can help students get instruction from someone other than their teacher. This also can be a great tool to help students learn video editing techniques. Video projects are great ways for students to show their creativity and express their knowledge without having to turn in a paper.


BrainPop is another great resource to use for not only your sixth graders but students of all ages! It is a great site for students to use for different subjects such as math, science, health and arts and music! The videos are animated which can help keep students focused. Students can use this in the classroom during instructional time or at home if they need any extra help.


TopHat is an interactive teaching platform that works great in the classroom! Students would need a cellular device or they can access the application from a laptop or desktop. This allows for teachers to check in with students throughout instruction and to see which kids need help. By allowing students to answer questions that you set up, you can track which topics need to be revisited! Teachers have the option of making the questions for credit and they could even serve as bonus points.