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Daily Deets

As usual i start my day getting ready for school at RMS, you know, nothing special. And when i got to school, it was testing day! I was so angry! Its bad enought we have to show up,hahaha just kidding about that, but why did it have to be testing day?! And the school day felt like it went on forever! Untill the end of the day that is! My boyfriend walked up to me and asked me to meet him at a place called 7-11! He asked me! I told him i would go because, last time he didnt show up. But he promised me he would come this time and i was so happy! So, that was my day. See you tomorrow!

Daily Saying

You have once been hurt, but soon you will find your true love. You may not know it at first, but at the same time you feel lonely, the one you are destined to be with feels the same way. Just remember, you are never alone.

Daily Motto

Make the best, better!

Daily Questions Answered

Question: Dear chief director of The Beat, have you ever had boyfriend troubles?

Answer: Yes i have, i had a boyfriend last year and he dumped me for my best friend. Yet me and her still remained best friends! And after awhile, me and my ex-boyfriend became friends again to!

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