Teacher Feature

Mrs. Baker-8th Grade Science Teacher

Quick Biography

Name: Susan Baker

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Position: 8th grade Science teacher

College Attended & Degrees Attained: UW-Eau Claire- bachelor degree in Elementary/Middle Education (1-8) with a minor in Science (1-9); Cardinal Stritch University- Masters in Education

Years Teaching/ Previous Districts: 17th year

Years at Jefferson: 17 :)

What do you think makes Jefferson Special?: There are many reasons why Jefferson is a special place to teach. First and foremost, the students. I may be a little bias, but I believe our students are wonderful. Secondly, I believe the support of my co-workers is special. You truly get the feel that you are cared for and your opinion matters. Last, but not least, is the community. I believe this district is such a great place to work because of the strength and support of our community members.

Hobbies and Interests Outside of Education: Anyone who I have taught knows that I have a true passion for playing soccer. I still play year-round which always amazes my students to find out that YES, I play on the field. I also have started clogging. I have grown up in tap dance from when I was little and have always loved to dance. Clogging is the perfect outlet for me to perform in shows and parades and burn off some energy dancing to all genres of music.

"What motivates me every day is the chance that I can make a difference!"

Mrs. Baker has been working since she was 14 years old! We Asked If She's Had Any Odd Or Interesting Jobs.

I have worked since I was 14 at a variety of jobs. I started by bagging groceries, became a checker at the same grocery store, worked at a gas station, cleaned hotel rooms, waitressed in college, and the best and hardest job I ever had was working at a camp for adults and children with special needs. Badger Camp helped shape me to be the teacher I am today.

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World Traveler, Mrs. Baker Studied Abroad In England

What Makes You Love Teaching?

I love teaching because of the relationships I can build with my students. I feel if you have a strong bond with students it makes the learning process go more smoothly. I also love teaching because it is good for the soul. I am able to be goofy when I need to be to teach a concept and also serious if need be.

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Some May Call Her Wonder Woman, But We Call Her Super Teacher!

If You Could Design A Dream Field Trip For Your Students What Would It Be?

My dream field trip for my students is also a bucket list item for me…..a trip to the Galapagos Islands. I currently teach about Charles Darwin and his work with natural selection on these islands. I think it would be amazing to get out and experience Charles Darwin’s journey first hand. The best way to educate is to experience something first hand and make a personal connection.

If We've Learned Anything About The Teachers At SDOJ It Is That Many Of Them Have Always Wanted To Be A Teacher. Mrs. Baker Isn't Any Different!

Ever since first grade, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I look back at my work from when I was growing up and it almost always talks about teaching in some way. There was a brief time where I was really into the space program and becoming an astronaut, but in the end, it always came back to being a teacher at some level.

What Was Mrs. Baker's Favorite Or Most Challenging Subject?

No surprise here, my favorite subject was Science in Jr. High, High School and College. I honestly believe though it was because of the relationships I built with the teachers in these classes that helped solidify my love of learning and Science.

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What Is Mrs. Baker's Favorite Kind Of Music Or Band? Does She Have A Favorite Song?

My favorite kind of music changes. Right now, it is all about Phillip Phillips. I have been to four of his concerts in 2014-2015. I love watching him perform and seeing his passion for his music on stage. My favorite Phillip Phillips song would have to be Raging Fire. I also love Christian music- on the radio 102.5. Also, I was lucky enough to be able to bring my two daughters to a Colton Dixon, Britt Nicole and Toby Mac. Amazing message!

We asked Mrs. Baker If There Is A Book or Magazine That She Can't Live Without.

I am a fan of any and all books/movies from the author Nicholas Sparks. I love to get whisked away from the real-world and enjoy a good romance novel.

What Is Mrs. Baker's Favorite School Lunch?

Baked potato and salad on Tuesdays at JMS! :)