A Little Bit Scary

By, Max Bellone

You may think Conrad is a little bit scary, but...

He likes to make his kids pancakes and ham before he goes to work. He also likes to go to bed early so he does not get angry and not make his kids pancakes and ham.

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Good Deeds

  • Conrad likes to take his kids to the park on the weekends.
  • Conrad always has good manors where ever he is.
  • Conrad really really likes to help charity.


Conrad has 15 kids named Phil, Jon, Steve, Harrell, Carson, Graham, Quinn, Collin, Ben, Will, Logan, Gavin, Leroy, Ryan, and George. He also has a wife named Kelly.


Conrad plays Basketball and Tennis. He likes to read non-fiction books. His favorite class when he was in school was Science.

Conrad's favorite things

Conrad's favorite food is pizza and pancakes. His favorite animal is the Bald Eagle. His favorite college football team is the Oregon Ducks. His favorite co