Where Is Middle Earth?



There is much terrain in Alaska, but most of it is mountains. There are 5 languages in Alaska, but most of the population speaks English. There are 14 cultures spreading through out Alaska.


I think that Middle Earth is in Alaska. There are many mountains in Alaska, which are in Middle Earth. I think the Lonely Mountain represents Mount McKinley, Alaska's largest mountain. The crew had to travel through grasslands, which Alaska overflows in. There were caves in the Misty Mountains, which mountains in Alaska run deep with.


Counter Claim

Another reason why I think Alaska is Middle Earth, is the temperature. Most of the people in the story where coats and jackets, which you need to keep warm. When the crew were singing at Bilbo's house, they were singing in front of a fire, probably to stay warm.


Overall, I think Alaska would best fit Middle Earth. it is similar in many ways. Also most of the creatures and people in the book speak different languages, well Alaska consists of 5 languages. If the Mt. McKinney was just a little bit taller, then it would be almost identical to The Lonely Mountain.

Bilbo Baggins

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