Merry Christmas from Jo Cook

Ideas You Can Use to Enhance Your Christmas Gift

Jo's Gift to You...

As you now know, Jo gifted you with a Keep-Collective reversible leather keeper & the "blessed" script key. If you're not familiar with Keep-Collective jewelry, you should know that her gift not only gives you 3 looks given that the keeper is reversible, but it's also a gift you can build from!

She has decided to have an online social so you can see that by adding even 2-3 keys (charms) you can create an entirely different look. That's what's so cool about this jewelry. Keep-Collective is new; it was started in the fall of 2014 by the creators of Stella and Dot.

What I've attempted to do using our mock-up tool was to show you different looks using the keeper you already have. I tried to hit a few categories (for moms, specific sports moms, Trussville sports moms), along with entirely different looks using stones & geo bars.

Take a look at the pictures below, and then click Jo's social link so you can view all the keys!

If you'd like to order additional keys (or order another gift for someone on your Christmas list), the orders need to be placed prior to MIDNIGHT DECEMBER 17TH to receive them BEFORE Christmas.



Just email me; using our mock-up tool I can show you exactly what it will look like.

Once you've decided what you want, I create a cart & email you the link. All you do is checkout - EASY SHOPPING :)

****** 12/10/15 ******


DEADLINE TO ORDER & RECEIVE BY CHRISTMAS HAS BEEN EXTENDED! The new deadline is midnight CST on 12/21/15. Of course, it's always better to do it a *little* before & not push it just to be sure (but I'm sure some of you like living on the edge & will wait - I don't judge).

Today I'm including pictures of creations made in the last month, most for Christmas gifts. These orders were placed by or for girls/ladies ages 9 to 71 so the styles are quite varied.

FYI: The original pictures of your keeper with different keys on them haven't disappeared, they're just further down. I've decided to put the newer posts at the top so you don't have to scroll all the way down. Thanks for looking!

Ideas for your Existing Keeper [Original Post]

The following frames show you the same keys on either side of your espresso/pewter keeper.

FYI: Due to the stark difference between the espresso and pewter colors, you will find that many of the keys that show up well on the espresso side may not show up as well on the pewter side. However, the pewter side is an EXCELLENT background for our Stone & Geo-Bar Keys - and of course, those show up well on the espresso side too.

Adding "Mom" & Birthstones to your Existing Item

The "Mom" key is $9 and each birthstone is $12. So adding what's shown (with two birthstones) would be $33.
Big image

Stones & Geo Bars (not all are shown)

Moms (Birthstones, Generic Sports & Trussville Sports)

Keep-Collective TimeKeys

The TimeKeys are GORGEOUS - prettier than shown in pictures. I've not shown you all of them (there are 4 gold, 3 rose gold & 4 silver total). The ones I've shown are all $69, but they range in price from $59-69.

Miscellaneous Creations...


  • If you come up with an idea but want to see what it would look like, just email me. Creating a mock-up of your creation literally takes no more than 3-5 minutes.
  • Deadline to order for pre-Christmas Delivery is Thursday, December 17th at midnight.
  • Click here to see all items and create your own one of a kind piece for you or someone else!

Feel free to message me with any questions you have!

Thanks so much & Merry Christmas!

Kathy Carter

Independent Designer

A few more miscellaneous items... (Added 12/07/15 @ 1:00PM)

After I finished this page last night I decided to add a few more things.

  • Since they're close to my heart, I've added a TimeKey for the Auburn fans (WDE anyway). How lucky am I that Keep Collective's colors are orange and blue? LOL.
  • I've also added some new/miscellaneous items unrelated to the espresso/pewter band just in case you want to shop for someone else - lol.
  • I'm adding sale items; the bangles are a great deal.

As the week progresses and thoughts hit me, I'll add them down here so keep checking back. I should warn you I'm a busy woman with ADHD so you honestly never know what I might add. Some people think it's a bad thing to be ADHD but I like to think I keep things "fresh"!! Happy shopping, Jo's neighbors!

PS: (Side-note): I want to move into your neighborhood so I can go to your Christmas parties. They seem like so much fun & you guys are all really friends! I told Jo that our neighborhood has a Facebook page too - I started it myself a couple of months ago (I've been living there since 1996 so it's not a new neighborhood and still *I* started the page).

Now, so you realize how lucky you are to live in your neighborhood, check this out. The posts so far have been;

  • A warning about an Edward Jones man going door to door;
  • A first day of school pic;
  • A "whose dog is this?" post - not to help find it's owners but to say the dog was bothersome and should be reported;
  • Me asking people to add neighbors who aren't on the site yet;
  • A few more "whose dogs" posts; and lastly - my PERSONAL favorite
  • A complaint about noisy dogs....I'm 99.9% sure they were talking about my dogs. *Sigh*.

When Jo got you the "blessed" key, she couldn't have been more on the money as far as I'm concerned. *If you know any of my neighbors I'd appreciate you keeping that little list up there to yourself - thanks. LOL