Rock N' Roll's effect on the 1950's

It began when black blues music and white country music were mixed together to create rock and roll and began to bring races together. Older generations shocked by the rhythms and beat of rock music, they hated it. Rock and roll, progressive jazz, beat & folk music were exciting and liberating at the time, but the parents disapproved. As specially as seeing Rock and Roll lyrics did not deal with social or internal issues.


Paul Anka was only one of the millions of people in the 50s that were in between child and adult, these were known as teenagers. The teenager emerged in the 1950s and parents got frustrated that their kids were going out and they blamed it on music and influences. Paul was one of biggest rock and roll singers in the 50s. He was higher on the charts than Elvis was. Paul was 15 years old from Ottawa when he first made it big, they gave him the nick name of ‘wiz kid’.

Fun Fact: 1950s Slang.

Rod - Car

Salty - Angry

Nuggets - Loose Change

Heart - A good teacher

Queen - Popular girl

Back Seat Bingo - Kissing in the back seat

Chili - A good deal

Dolly - Cute girl

Flutter Bum - A good looking boy