Rocket Boys Digital Project

Author: Homer Hickam -- By: Jonathan Nelson

Hickam`s Analasys

Hickam lived in a small coal town named Coalwood. He was the youngest child whom was looked down on even more with his older brother being a great football player and who is possibly up for a college football scholarship. He was a disappointments to his father because he was a average kid who was headed for a job in the coal mines and his brother being such a success.


Homer Hickam won the national science fair and brought it home to coal wood to impress his dad and his dad finally accepted him. He also shot off the final rocket that would secure his spot in life and make him go to NASA to be a rocket scientist.

Character conflicts

When Hickam`s dad gets injured in the mine, he has to make a life changing decision. Go in the coal mine and quit his rocket building or, he could loose his house and maybe his father. He also has to give up his rocket dreams. For him, it was eather make his family go onto the strets and have Homers Brother loose his scholarship, or he could go into the coal mines and save his family from starvation.


Rocket boys is a true story about Homer Hickam who lives in a small coal mining town in Virginia. In Coalwood, going down into the coal mines is a tradition that everybody does unless they get lucky and win a football scholarship. Going into the coal mines was everybody's life plan when they got out of high school.

Rocket Boys Summary

In the book Rocket Boys, Homer Hickam is trying to fit in without ending up in the coal mine. Which is the usual out come of high school boys that do not get a scholarship for football. He goes above and beyond and goes outside what anybody could amagine that anyone else at his age could do. He builds rockets.

Rocket Boys Plot

Exposition- Homer Hickam is introduced to rockets by Sputnick, the first satellite shot into space, and then wanted to build rockets himself.

Rising Action- Hickam keeps building rockets and keeps trying and keeps trying until he gets the perfect rocket.

Climax- Hickam won the science fair and came home, and shot off the rocket that would change his future forever.

Falling action- He gets a job at NASA and now his rocket design is being used for all rockets made by the USA.