Movie Director/Actress

By: Odalys Segura

How do I become a movie director/actress?

Becoming a director usually involves holding at least a bachelor's degree and years of work in the film industry, usually as an editor, camera operator, actor or writer. Many aspiring directors major in English, theater, journalism, communications, arts, or pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in film studies.

Salary Range

The median annual salary of all producers and directors was $68,440 as of May 2010. The top 10 percent, however, earned more than $166,400 per film. Many directors are paid a percentage of ticket sales.

Television performers received the same amount as movie actors except when given a “major role.” This is defined as someone who was granted a credit at the front of the show with the forms “Guest Star,” “Special Guest Star,” “Starring” or “Special Appearance By." They received $4,631 per week in half-hour shows, and $7,410 per week for one-hour shows. Those hired for 10 to 19 weeks made $2,506 per week, while those who worked for 20 or more weeks made $2,087 per week. Television also had rates for actors hired to work for three days. Whether they sang or not on half-hour or full-hour shows, they received $2,130 for the period.

Starting wages for movie actors are defined by the combined labor union of the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). Artists and production companies are free to settle on compensation that is higher than these minimums. Performers hired for the day earned $842 for that period as of July 2012. Singing on and off camera in solos and duos changed daily minimums to $911, but in groups of three to eight, pay dropped to $799. Actors who were hired for the week earned $2,921 for the week. Singing in solos or duos also paid the same weekly amounts as non-singing actors.

Education level

A degree isn't needed to be an actress, but an acting program can improve acting skills and career outlook.

Movie Director- Bachelors Degree. film directors do not have a set education requirement, but there are universities that offer educational programs


Degree Field

Actress- Drama, theater arts, performing arts

Movie Director Journalism, communication, acting, arts management or a comparable discipline