Final Project

Jean Skirt - Anna Bilek

For this project I followed a pattern. I created a skirt that bunches around the waistband to create a flowy look and has a regular waistband with a zipper. This project emphasized the skills of how to read a pattern and how to create a firm waistband that actually fits.

The fabric I used was a light colored jean fabric. It feels soft but stirdy, which enables it to be a firm skirt but also a bit flowy. The steps I had to take to complete this project were basting the skirt and pulling in the thread to create ruffles, sewing on the waistband (which I also had to add interfacing to and create sturdier by adding another layer of fabric) and measuring the bottom of the skirt to create a nice hemmed edge. I have had previous knowledge of how to measure the bottom of the skirt to create an even hem and previous knowledge of how to baste around the top and pull it in to create ruffles.

I chose this project because I previously had a jean skirt that I wore all of the time that broke. So, I wanted to make another skirt to replace it since I used it a lot. This project challenged when I had to add the detail to the waistband and had to finish the wasitband to make it firm and stirdy. For next time I could improve on creating a waistband that will actually fit correctly and tighten in the right spots.
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