Alex Bertram's Top Folk Literature

It will be very (Lit)erate

Types of Folk Literature

Fables- brief stories with animal characters that have a stated moral at the end

Folk Tales- a story with real or magical characters that reflects the culture where created

Epics- long narrative poems important to a nation that tell of a larger than life hero

Myths- tales that relate the actions of gods, godesses and heroes

Tall Tales- focus on a central hero who performs impossible feats

Legends- stories based on real-life events and become larger than life as they are told and retold (fact changes to fiction)

Do you love foods fighting each other for the fate of the food industry? IF you do keep reading for Cameron Cantaloupe and Banana Man V.S. Mr. Weenie!

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Jesus' Parable: The Parable of the Mustard Seed

Meaning: The parable uses symbolism to explain Jesus coming down and spreading the word of God to create more disciples and churches.
Skip to 5:30 for the parable of the Mustard Seed

Myth: The Story of Hermes

Hermes is the god of commerce. He acts as a messenger to the underworld, the man world, and the god world. He likes tricking other gods and people. He is a protector and a guard/guide to dead spirits going to the underworld.
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The Story of Hermes

Confucianism and Taoism


  1. The Yin and the Yang are part of Taoism
  2. Taoists want everything to flow like the universe wants it to


  1. Has the five relationships needed in society
  2. Focuses a lot on education and knowledge

Cameron Cantaloupe and Banana Man V.S. Mr. Weenie

Once upon a time, in a New York market, lived a Banana and his good friend Wally Watermelon. These fruit were special, because the Pineapple of Truth had gifted them. There were others like them, but the most special pair was a Cantaloupe and Strawberry in Japan. Theses heroes had defeated villains before, like Charlie Chocolate and Sam the Flamingo. These ruthless villains wouldn’t stop; they kept trying to take over the world. One after another these special fruits defeated the villains. A new villain, birthed in New York, was coming, and he was the most powerful of them all.

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Mr. Frank Weenie was a frozen hotdog lying in a hotdog cart on 5


Avenue Road Street. This hotdog cart wasn’t doing too well. All of the customers were flocking to the Pretzel cart across the street. Mr. Frank Weenie was done with the pretzels and took matters into his own hands. Mr. Frank Weenie stood up out of the cart and screamed his most fearful battle cry, “AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH‼ Hotdog army attack!”

Mr. Frank Weenie and his army of brats, wieners, and sausages sprinted across the street to the pretzel stand and grabbed the wheels. The innocent pretzels weren’t able to do anything. The cart swayed back and forth knocking single pretzels over the edge. Finally, the cart fell over killing the pretzels and smashing their dough all over the concrete.

“Mwaahahahahaha!” screamed Mr. Frank Weenie maniacally. His troops started to yell his battle cry.

Mr. Wurst, strolled up to Mr. Frank Weenie and tapped him on the shoulder, “That was a fine victory for the beginning of a new war. Congrats General Frank Weenie.”

“Please call me Mr. Weenie,” replies Mr. Weenie smirking at his first victory.

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Banana Man sat next to Wally Watermelon on a wooden basket, gazing across the street at the old, abandoned theater. Banana Man turned to Wally and stated, “It has been a quiet couple months. Nothing but petty crime and some ‘bad guys’ that people complain about.”

Wally nodded in agreement. Then suddenly Wally hears the crashing of a cart and the cry of pretzels in the distance. “Gee Melons Balls‼ Banana Man, the pretzel cart down the street is being tipped over!”

Banana Man and Wally rushed over to the scene to see a horrible sight. There were hundreds, maybe thousands of hotdogs, sausages and bratwursts crowding the streets. Wally gasped as a couple sausages grabbed his leg. “Banana Man! Help me!” screamed Wally in distress.

Banana Man turned to see Wally being taken over by the wiener army. Wally screamed as a giant hot dog jumped on top of him. SPLAT! Wally’s remains splattered over the side of the road. One of his seeds hit Banana Man right in the face. Banana Man was frozen with fear. He took off running in the other direction seed in one hand not looking back.

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Cameron Cantaloupe and Sid Strawberry were minding their own business in their home of the Japanese market. Suddenly a banana came flying out of nowhere and landed right next to them. “Are you Cameron and Sid? My friend got smashed by a hotdog and a pineapple told me to come to Japan.”

Cameron looked in disbelief. It’s another one of us thought Cameron. Suddenly The Pineapple of Truth appeared and smiled, “It seems you all have met. Good. Now I gathered you here because there is a new threat, Mr. Weenie. He and his wiener army are trying to destroy all other foods. Mr. Weenie has already taken over Pepe Co., Yuuum! and McDowell’s. Right now Mr. Weenie is trying to take over Colo Coco and make them sell hotdog flavored drinks!”

Cameron looked at Sid and nodded, “We’re ready. Let’s do this.” Banana Man nodded in agreement. The Pineapple of Truth disappeared and the threesome was left to save the food industry.

u u u

Mr. Weenie stormed the building with his million or so hotdogs, Mr. Wurst right by his side. The guards were easy to be stopped, his doggernauts just jumped on them smashing them to smithereens. Mr. Weenie and his group rushed into the factory area smelling the great smell of soft drink and syrup.

Suddenly, Cameron, Sid and Banana Man Jumped down from the ceiling and landed on one of the syrup vats. The hotdogs stayed frozen still as the fruits poured the hot, burning syrup onto the hotdogs making them disintegrate. Mr. Weenie watched, as Mr. Wurst was only covered half up as the rest of his body burned to black ash. He rushed out a window and ran down the street to a 14/11 gas station; the fruit threesome close behind.

Mr. Weenie jumped on the counter as the fruit cornered him. Mr. Weenie soon backed up too far where he fell into a hotdog roaster. The screams of the brauts, sausages and hotdogs filled the air. The fruits looked at Mr. Weenie, being overcooked on high setting, becoming covered in black ash. “Well that takes care of that,” stated Sid. The three fruits walked into the sunset never to be heard from again until the next major fruit villain strikes.

Moral: Never trust a hotdog