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Principal Brief

January 18-22

In the book The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching by Goodwin and Hubbell, the authors spend several chapters on the importance of providing a nurturing environment. Over the next few weeks I will share some of their strategies with you in the brief. Through their research, they identified 4 types of teachers.

  • Traditionalists- Set high expectations for students but gave little thought to developing relationships with their students.
  • Sophisticates- Aloof and undemanding, floating like an inert gas in the classroom with little impact on students or their learning.
  • Sentimentalists- Warm but undemanding- perhaps out of a misguided sense of sympathy for students or their learning.
  • Warm Demanders- Combined "high personal warmth with high active demandingness." As a result students actively participated in class and were willing to work hard for their teachers.

At Hartman, our goal is to be warm demanders- the ability to set high expectations while simultaneously nurturing student growth. In short, the research affirms- what we already know - People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. We will review some great strategies that warm demanders use over the next few weeks.

21 Day Challenge- Keep communicating to parents to register!

Upcoming Dates:

January 11-27 Writing Sample Collection- (all grades) All kindergarten students will write and will be scored on the Wylie ISD writing continuum. Kindergarten writing data will be entered into AWARE,

January 4-Feb.4 DRA MOY - All students in grade K-4 will be given the DRA assessment and enter data into AWARE.

January 19-29 Aimsweb MOY - All students will be testing.

This week at Hartman:

January 18- MLK Day! Enjoy your day!

January 19- New Nine Weeks Begins! WISD Science Fair

January 20- Wylie Way Day- Mapping Your Future- Early Release Schedule #mapmyfuturewisd, PLC planning, K-2 RTI- 2:45-4:00

January 22- 21 Day Challenge Rally @ 2:00