A mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and was of interest.

3 signs if depression-

-Thoughts of suicide.

-Decreased in energy level.

-Inability to sleep or concentrate on tasks.

3 warning signs of suicide-

-Talks about killing themselves.

-Acting recklessly.

-Increased use of alcohol and drugs,

3 signs of self-injury-

-Scars from cuts and buns,

-Broken bones.

-Wearing long sleeves and pants even in hot weather.

3 resources for help-


-Trusted Adults

-Guidance Counselor

Her Last Words,

Its telling a story how girl killed herself because she was going through depression. It relates because the girl was badly depressed that she wrote her other a note and hung herself. ( It will show you the note in the video ).
Her last words - Courtney Parker Lyrics