Audrey's and Myers's geocity

gummy bear world and New Yourk mash up

come in

first here in New York, we have dylan's candy bar that is a rectanglar prism. it is a dlightful smell with all the candy. To the left is the famous New York zoo. it is famous for it's cool animals. Arcross from Broadway AVE is....lady liberty! her crown has tringlas that are acute angles. then there is an magacal portal going into the gummy bear world. As you inter the gummy world you follow the abtues angle street: Gummy Bear St. and you see the gummy king's catls thats made out of cillenders. To the left is the dungon were the man eating unicorn eats the prisonors and infront is the huge monster truck with big circle tiers. Next to that is the worm giant worm that is a reflection. That is the end of our tour!