Ilegal or legal Cloning

Should we clone animals?


Cloning first started in 1986, when two University research teams from Scotland where challenged by there professor to each clone one mammal (Sheep & Cow). Cloning has been used to save multiple species of animals. But not everyone agrees that cloning should be preformed some people have even try to get it into federal court.

Great things about Cloning

If Scientist get lucky the animal chosen to be cloned would have finished out in perfect order, unharmed, and without sickness, it's also be proven that some animals could come out with human/ primate traits.
Cloned animals is 'no greater safety risk'

Cloning is Abusive to animals

  • Just because animals aren't human doesn't mean they don't fell pain, happiness, sadness, and loneliness, Sometimes when you look into the eyes of any loving and forgive animal, you will always see a little flicker of fear, Realty, and humanity.
  • About 78% of animals are harmed in the process and come out dis-formed or mutated.
  • proven by the research team at University of California, Davis that, animals that survived cloning would have sociability disorders with humans and other breeds of animals.
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Cloning is economicly risky

  • Cloning is way to expensive, alone it would cost you 100,000 dollars to clone your pet, or indoor animal.
  • Every time we clone we are increasing the chances of a 75% population over flow.
  • Even though we have the power to clone animals doesn't always mean we should, because cloning could over excite scientist to the point of were they think they are God.

Cloning is against human nature

  • Cloning animals is the next step to cloning humans, which could increase our population and cause limitation on the amount of food we have and the amount of children a family is allowed to have.
  • When scientist clone animals it's souly for the experiment, they never stop and think, "Am I harming this animal in any way".
  • when we as a man kind clone animals we are disobaying our religions and tampering with Gods plan for the world.
  • 1 in 4 animals will have rabies or become very ill after cloning process, and 1/2 of the animals will die within a week of cloning.