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What is Smallpox ⁉

Smallpox is a contagious viral disease, with fever and pustules (a small blister or pimple on the skin containing pus) usually leaving permanent scars.

Symptoms of Smallpox

High fever




Severe back pain

Abdominal pain


Where does Smallpox come from

The background on smallpox is that it's originally originated in Egypt from 3,000 years ago then it traveled to Asia, Africa, Europe, India then it eventually reached America in 1500s. The visual evidence was pharaoh name Ramses V. He later died in 1157 B.C.

Is it contagious? 😷

Smallpox is contagious and deadly it can be transferred through saliva droplets and also through person-to-person contact. It's just contagious through bodily fluids. But when you get infected it takes about 7 to 17 days after exposure for it's incubation period and if the fever develops then you are infectious, then it finally takes about 2 to 3 days for the rash (A.k.A Smallpox) to appear.

Is it like Chicken Pox?

Smallpox may look like chickenpox but they are different because chickenpox is caused by a virus name Varicella Zoster, and chickenpox is milder than smallpox. And smallpox virus is called variola virus.

Is there a cure?

Theres not a specific known cure for smallpox yet, but there are vaccinations to prevent it and if you do enquirer smallpox there are treatments (vaccinations) to help smallpox more milder.

The picture you see on the right is one of the vaccination they have to prevent and make smallpox more milder.

What specialists did I contact

I wasn't able to contact any specialists because it's not been around for at least 38 years the last case of smallpox was in Somalia in 1977.



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