Scott Westerfield

What is the Uglies About?

Uglies is set in the future where technology is advanced, and on their 16th birthday, they turn from an average looking human being to a gorgeous, perfected one with the help of their new technology. In this superficial world, if you are not beautiful then you will not prosper. Before the age of 16, they live in a building together in the part of town where their buildings are worn down and the streets are old. Once they turn pretty, they move to the better part of town where they're always throwing parties, the streets are new, and the buildings are beautiful. The main character, Tally Youngblood, can't wait until her 16th birthday to turn beautiful and reunite with her best friend since young age, Peris. Peris already turned beautiful and moved to the better part of town. Tally meets someone who changes her view on turning pretty and she ends up running away before she turns pretty. Tally meets others who rebelled against the government and together they find out secrets and expose the government and their lies.

Real Life

The book "Uglies" by Scott Westerfield portrays an extreme version of the world today. In today's World, society accepts the beautiful and good looking people but harass and look down on people who are below society's version of average. Beautiful men and women get an easier life in the World today because they way a person looks matters more than how intellectual they are or how great their personality is. People even get jobs and more opportunities because of their beauty. Society is based on beauty and that's something we need to change. Tally Youngblood rebelled against the government and their version of beautiful and realized that she was beautiful the way she was. I think Westerfield had the right idea that we should recognize the beauty in us and stop trying to be beautiful because of the pressure society pushes on us.