Wilson Ranger Post

February 8, 2016

Wilson Printers are added in VMWare

Thanks to Danny you should now be able to easily select Wilson printers when you are using VMWare.

TELPAS Tidbits

Remember, we will have our TELPAS training on Monday, February 8th in the Library during our snack time, before we begin the poverty and vocabulary meetings. Please go to the library in a timely manner that day after school so that we can begin as quickly as possible. As a part of this year’s TELPAS changes, all educators MUST provide a copy of their Online Basic Training certificate as their ticket into a monitored calibration session in order to rate learners in the four domains of English Language Proficiency. Mary will be monitoring these sessions and collecting these certificates. Every educator who has completed the Online Basic Training course in the past must turn in a copy of the certificate by Monday, February 8th to Mary. If you have never before completed the Online Basic Training or you are in a different grade level this year, you will need to complete the Online Basic Training for the corresponding grade level but will not be able to do so until after our training on February 8th. We will have two monitored TELPAS calibration sessions after school on February 24th (**please note date change**) and March 1st, so you will choose one to attend and will need to bring a laptop and ear buds or headphones with you to complete the calibration activity. If you are unable to attend the sessions at Wilson, you may attend a session offered at a different Coppell campus that best fits your schedule.

Here is the link for additional dates and times at other locations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zbFskBPDTI0hMG609JcrnqMrp4tHq0Ex0ogpcQlMn1g/edit#gid=0. The district deadline for successful completion of these calibrations is March 4th. There is a Proficiency Level Descriptor (PLD) Refresher course available in Schoology for you to complete if you feel you need additional training on the PLDs and/or rating your ELLs in any of the four domains of English proficiency prior to the required calibration activities.

You may now find this refresher course in Schoology: LOGIN TO SCHOOLOGY

Click on the COURSES tab on top



If you choose to complete this Schoology training and then pose a question or give feedback, you will receive 1 hour of FLEX credit as well as a special celebration from Jennifer.

See you on Monday afternoon in the Library with your TELPAS Manuals!

Data PLC

Hi all! The next round of PLCs is the data PLC round (some of you are still in planning).

I've created a suggested agenda that might help guide your discussion...


You can use these questions as you go through each subject/common assessment.

Additionally, you might consider using your data PLC to analyze student work. I have added questions to consider to the bottom portion of the document.

I hope this helps your team as we work on refining our PLC process!

Reflex Math

2nd - 5th grade educators,

Please make sure your learners who are not fluent in their math facts are logging into Reflex and completing lessons 3x's per week. As you can see from the graphs below, our learners are learning their facts, but we still have learners who aren't logging in regularly.

Big image
Big image
Big image
Big image

Summer PD...Mark your Calendars Now!

Understanding by Design

Elementary Sessions:

June 20 and 21;

July 18 and 19

Registration opens February 10th in Eduphoria.

Enrollment is limited to 40 participants per session.

Great Expectations

July 12 - 15

More information to come

Registration is through Great Expectations

All Other Professional Learning Sessions for Summer 2016...

Presently, the Curriculum Department is designing summer sessions in all content areas for all levels. A Course Catalog of these offerings will be published in late April and sent to all CISD staff. To attend any summer session, registration (through Eduphoria) is required.

Mathematics from Mary Kemper

K-12 Mathematics: Thank you to all mathematics educators who have enrolled in theAcademic Vocabulary in Mathematics Lesson Design course in Eduphoria/Workshop (http://eduphoria.coppellisd.com/wshop/default.aspx?cid=7469) and started the professional learning course in Schoology. The reflections that have been posted so far are insightful and reflect learning that makes me #CISDproud! The deadline to complete all 6 steps in the Schoology course is May 9, to align with the conclusion of the spring STAAR testing. If campus TAIS Process resulted in similar action steps, principals may speak with Mary Kemper to coordinate implementation plans.

CISD Mathematics on Twitter: Be sure to use #75019math when you tweet about math in CISD and check out the hashtag for one more way to stay connected!

Garden Extravaganza - 2/9

Garden prizes:

garden tools, seeds, portable potato beds


BBQ chicken sliders, sausage, chips, fruit, tea/water


Your counterparts from other campuses who are trying to grow stuff too!

We can talk about garden needs for spring, summer maintenance, or unrelated things!

And then the City is offering a free class on Organic Veggie gardening 101 at 6:30:



LOCATION: Biodiversity Education Center at Wagon Wheel Park in Coppell, Freeport Parkway.

Inclusion vs Resource: What's the Difference?


Resource is a special education program for a student with a disability who is registered in either a special class or regular education while in need of specialized supplementary instruction in an individual or small group setting for part of the day.

· The resource teacher's particular function for students with disabilities is to specially design instruction so the child can achieve the expected educational outcomes.

· Special education resource teachers teach in a variety of settings. They may work with students individually or in small groups in a special classroom, often called a Resource Room. Here students come for a block of time each day for their lessons and then return to their general education classroom.

· The IEP guides the resource teacher in planning lessons and providing appropriate instruction for the child.

· Special education resource teachers frequently collaborate with other professionals in the school. They work closely with regular classroom teachers, school psychologists, occupational and physical therapists, speech pathologists, and social workers.

· Methods and materials are adapted to students' learning styles and characteristics using multisensory and other specialized approaches.


Inclusion is a service that places students with disabilities in general education classrooms with appropriate support services. Students may receive instruction from both a general education teacher and a special education teacher.

· This might look like the general education teacher teaching a lesson and the special education teacher supporting the learners.

· This might also look like the special education teacher pulling and working with a small group of students.

· Inclusion gives students with disabilities a great chance to be successful with academics.

· Inclusion also gives students with disabilities the opportunity to form new friendships.

· The general education and special education teacher work together to provide the accommodations listed in the students’ IEP.

· Inclusion time is set during a learner’s annual ARD.

· Inclusion requires collaboration between educators.

Source: National Association of Special Education Teachers

World Readaloud Day (WRA) is February 24

“Read Aloud. Change the World”.

Coppell ISD librarians are planning a gala readaloud day in the district to coincide with the world-wide WRA celebration of reading and storytelling. What is WRA?

Every year World Read Aloud Day calls global attention to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories. Schools register to participate, authors volunteer to skype with classes, librarians and classes Skype and read to children at other campuses and in other parts of the world. Learn more at: http://www.litworld.org/wrad/

Want to help? Please volunteer to Skype with us sometime during your busy February 24 day, or come to a campus and share a story. Click on the Google sheet below and fill in your information. A librarian will contact you to set up your storytime. We would be honored if you will share with our learners!


If all the Guest Educator slots are filled – in, please just copy the information and add yourself to the list.


Thanks for making our Souper Bowl a success!

In case you haven't heard, our winners were...

1st Place - Ms. Heidi for her {Better than LaMadeline} Tomato Basil

2nd Place - 3rd Grade for Grandma's Chicken and Dumplings

3rd Place - Mrs. Barrera for her Lentil Magic

Spring Picture Day - 2/11

7:30 Faculty

8:05 K1/K2

8:20 1A/1B

8:40 2A/2B

9:00 3A/3B

9:20 4A/4B

9:40 5A/5B

10:00 K3

10:10 K4

10:20 PK AM

10:30 2C

10:40 2D

10:50 4C

11:10 3C

11:20 3D

11:30 1C and 1D

11:40 5C

11:50 5D

12:00 5E

12:10 4D

12:20 4E

12:30 PK PM

Time to Make Those Valentine's Reservations!!!

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