David Pedro Bica

Sports Medicine Physician: David Pedro Bica

David Pedro Bica, an East Carolina University Leader

David Pedro Bica completed his fellowship and postgraduate training at East Carolina University starting in 2008. While at East Carolina University, David Pedro Bica worked as Residency Director and served on the Residency Recruiting Committee & Curriculum Committee. David Pedro Bica was a true leader during his time at East Carolina. Possessing superior knowledge and passion made David Pedro Bica the easy candidate for these roles. David Pedro Bica continues to be an innovator and leader in the sports medicine field.

David Pedro Bica and Osteopathic Medicine

David Pedro Bica graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in June 2008. Upon receiving his Doctorate of Osteopathy, David Pedro Bica continued his postgraduate and fellowship at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. David Pedro Bica continued to gain license to practice Family Medicine and Sports Medicine. While studying osteopathy, David Pedro Bica became conscious of the lack of awareness of the field. David Pedro Bica hopes to provide an understanding and appreciation for osteopathic medicine to the public.

What is osteopathic medicine? David Pedro Bica describes it as a form of medicine that also focuses on the impact that lifestyle and community have on an individual’s health. Osteopathic physicians can choose any specialty; in other words, these physicians can focus on family medicine, obstetrics, surgery, sports medicine, etc. David Pedro Bica notes that just like any physician, osteopathic physicians can also prescribe drugs, perform surgeries, and practice medicine anywhere within the United States. Osteopathic medicine was founded in the late 1800s, and it was a system of medical care that would promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Thus, medical professionals who choose to study osteopathic medicine are trained to look at the whole person. David Pedro Bica details that osteopathic physicians look at people as a collection of body parts and organ systems that can be affected by illness and injury.

David Pedro Bica states that osteopathic physicians are trained to take the holistic approach to patient care. Osteopathic physicians are trained to integrate their patients into the health care process as a collaborator. David Pedro Bica believes that the holistic approach to medicine is beneficial, and that is why the field is growing. More than 20 percent of medical students today are studying osteopathic medicine, and more than 4,200 new osteopathic physicians are entering the workforce each year.

David Pedro Bica: How to Recover From a Sports Injury

David Pedro Bica is a certified physician who is specialized in sports medicine. Often working with injured athletes, David Pedro Bica acknowledges the stress and difficulty that sports related injuries cause. David Pedro Bica hopes to provide insight on how to properly recover and cope with a sports injury to help those suffering from impairment.

What are sports injuries? David Pedro Bica states that sports injuries typically occur during organized sporting events, competitions, training sessions, and other organized fitness activities. David Pedro Bica notes that these injuries can occur from a multitude of reasons; however, they can often be the cause of overtraining, improper form, lack of safety equipment, inappropriate footwear, etc. There are two types of injuries that can occur; David Pedro Bica indicates that athletes can suffer from either acute traumatic injury or chronic injury. David Pedro Bica notes that acute traumatic injury is the cause of a single blow or impact, and chronic injury is generally the result of overuse. Traumatic injuries often include fractures, sprains, lacerations, and strains; whereas chronic injuries include stress fractures and tendonitis.

David Pedro Bica is aware that injuries can occur from various reasons; however, it is important to try and prevent injury by properly training, stretching, and wearing the appropriate protective gear. However, injury can often not be prevented, and David Pedro Bica is aware that this can cause both emotional and physical pain. David Pedro Bica acknowledges that it can be difficult to sit on the sideline of a sport you are passionate about, but it is important to properly rest and focus on recovery. A suggestion that David Pedro Bica makes to those suffering from the emotional aspect of a sports injury is to conduct research related to the sport while injured. This will provide the individual with a hobby related to the sport while engaging in rest.

Implementing a Healthy Lifestyle with David Pedro Bica

Licensed physician David Pedro Bica desires to help people initiate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, individuals are consumed with work along with other activities that can make life hectic. David Pedro Bica is aware that many people believe they do not have the time to live a healthy lifestyle. Busyness often causes individuals to not exercise and eat out at unhealthy fast food chains; however, David Pedro Bica urges that there are easy ways to get healthy even with a tight schedule.

The first step that David Pedro Bica believes people should implement is a food journal. People are less likely to overeat if they are documenting their food intake. David Pedro Bica notes that with the help of modern technology this step is exceedingly simple. David Pedro Bica advises that people download a food journal application on their smartphone, which will allow them to calculate their daily calories and look up nutritional information effortlessly. The second step that David Pedro Bica suggests will help lead the way to a healthy lifestyle is to eat at home. David Pedro Bica is aware that time constraints can make cooking at home a difficult task; however, there are many 20-minute dinner recipes online. Also, David Pedro Bica advises that if time is the main issue, a simple way to overcome the problem is to precook food on the weekends.

David Pedro Bica notes that on top of a healthy diet, individuals should engage in regular exercise. While exercise does not have to be at a high-intensity, David Pedro Bica believes it is important to strive for 30 minutes of cardio a day. David Pedro Bica points out that a common misconception is that cardio has to be on a treadmill or at the gym; however, you can simply take a walk on your lunch break, or go walk around the mall.

David Pedro Bica and Advice on How to Prevent Sports Injury

David Pedro Bica provides insight on how to prevent sports-related injuries. David Pedro Bica is a licensed sports medicine physician who has research published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine and the Athletic Training & Sports Health Care journal. With his extensive experience in the sports medicine field, David Pedro Bica has insight on how to proficiently prevent sports injuries. David Pedro Bica warns that while there are appropriate steps that can be taken to prevent injury, nothing can guarantee an injury will not occur.

David Pedro Bica notes that the more contact there is in a sport, the higher risk of an injury. Most injuries occur to tendons, muscles, and ligaments. David Pedro Bica advises that to reduce the risk of injury certain practices should be implemented. Overuse is common while training for any sport, but David Pedro Bica believes that every athlete should take at least one day off a week. Resting is important and it gives your body time to recover from the stress of training. David Pedro Bica also suggests that athletes engage in muscle conditioning and regular stretching. Stretching should be incorporated into every athlete’s daily fitness plan; injuries often occur due to a lack of stretching and flexibility. David Pedro Bica always emphasizes the importance of stretching to his clients.

David Pedro Bica warns that if an individual is experiencing any type of pain to immediately stop the activity. A common problem that David Pedro Bica witnesses is that people think it is appropriate to push through any pain they are experiencing. David Pedro Bica states that athletes need to be smart when it comes to pain. Athletes should be able to identify the difference between common discomfort from a sport or actual pain stemming from an injury. David Pedro Bica states that if the pain is related to an injury, rest is crucial for recovery.

Dealing with Emotional Trauma Related to Injury: David Pedro Bica

Working as a sports medicine physician, David Pedro Bica is aware of the emotional recovery that must accompany the physical recovery after an injury. David Pedro Bica acknowledges that an injury can cause a plethora of mental and emotional issues. Not being able to participate in a physical activity you enjoy can cause immense stress and sadness. David Pedro Bica offers tips on how to overcome these issues and experience the necessary emotional recovery after a sports injury.

Immediately following an injury individuals often experience distress due to the suddenness of the injury, the pain resulting from it, and the disruption of their goals. David Pedro Bica suggests that to overcome these issues individuals must accept the injury and seek treatment to aid the recovery process. Upon receiving the diagnosis, individuals often experience psychological suffering because they are now aware of the severity of the issue, and they begin to doubt their full recovery. David Pedro Bica notes that it is important to understand the diagnosis and become educated in the rehabilitation process; this will ultimately help cope with the emotional distress that is occurring. Once rehabilitation is in full pursuit, David Pedro Bica often witnesses increased emotional trauma occurring. This is due to the individual being physically and emotionally drained, and they often become frustrated over the length of the recovery process. David Pedro Bica advises to overcome this frustration by focusing on the positive aspects of rehabilitation and to look at the overall progress experienced through the process, though he knows it can be especially difficult for many dedicated athletes.

David Pedro Bica is conscious of the emotional trauma that is present during and after a sports-related injury. With these tips of advice, David Pedro Bica hopes everyone can eventually experience true emotional and physical recovery.

David Pedro Bica is Dedicated to Research

David Pedro Bica is a licensed physician who specializes in family medicine and sports medicine. Desiring to be a leader in his field, David Pedro Bica consistently conducts ongoing research related to sports medicine. David Pedro Bica attended Providence College in Providence, RI for his undergraduate degree in Biology; he graduated cum laude. Upon graduation from Providence, David Pedro Bica was accepted into the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia, PA where he obtained a degree as a Doctor of Osteopathy. David Pedro Bica completed his postgraduate training and fellowship at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.

While David Pedro Bica was completing his Sports Medicine Fellowship from July 2011 to June 2012, the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine published him. David Pedro Bica had his case, “Adolescent Cross Country Athlete with Hip Pain,” featured in the AMSSM Case Study Teaching Tool in 2011. This was a significant achievement for David Pedro Bica because he accomplished publication before his postgraduate work in the field was completed.

Following completing his postgraduate fellowship at East Carolina, David Pedro Bica witnessed two research successes. In January of 2012, David Pedro Bica had his work entitled, “Computerized Neuropsychological Testing in the Management of Sport-Related Concussion” published in the Athletic Training & Sports Health Care Journal. In March 2012, David Pedro Bica was published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine. David Pedro Bica had his research, “Relationship between Glenohumeral Internal Rotation and Medial Elbow Strain Evaluated by Musculoskeletal Ultrasound,” featured in the 22nd Volume of the journal.

David Pedro Bica is a skilled and brilliant researcher who is a leading-edge physician in his field. David Pedro Bica hopes to continue to seek publication of his writings in research journals to help bring new concepts and knowledge to the professional community regarding sports medicine.

Modern Health Trends: David Pedro Bica

As an osteopathic physician who specializes in sports medicine and family medicine, David Pedro Bica witnesses many of the ongoing health trends. David Pedro Bica commentates on the top ten growing health trends that are currently transpiring in society. David Pedro Bica notices a shift towards healthier lifestyles in recent years, which he hopes continues into the future. A healthy lifestyle that focuses on a balanced diet, exercise, and stress management is crucial for good health.

The first trend that David Pedro Bica observed this past year is the consumption of quinoa. With a vast amount of recipes popping up, as well as being a feature on many restaurant menus, David Pedro Bica is pleased to see this gluten-free grain make a breakthrough. David Pedro Bica points out that another major trend that has gained popularity are elimination diets. Elimination diets can range from the popular gluten-free diet and Atkins diet, or simply eliminate a food or mixtures of foods. David Pedro Bica notes that while eliminating processed and/or sugary foods is a good decision, eliminating essential nutrients from your diet can be risky. David Pedro Bica advises that those looking to partake in an elimination diet seek medical assistance prior to initiation.

Organic food is another recent trend that is captivating society. David Pedro Bica notes that organic foods that are USDA-certified, offer the guarantee that the products are created without using synthetic pesticides or herbicides, and they are not genetically modified. Scientists are still in debate whether or not organic foods offer health benefits, but David Pedro Bica argues that eliminating pesticides and herbicides will not cause any harm.

While many people adopt healthier lifestyles due to modern trends, David Pedro Bica hopes that individuals will begin to adopt certain healthy facets permanently. However, David Pedro Bica warns that if you are engaging in a diet, to seek consultation from a nutritionist to avoid depriving your body from essential requirements.