Sports Analyst

By:Nico Sanchez


Sports analyst are people that provide their audience with play by play information to the fans watching a certain sporting event. They can make predictions and talk about the players impacts pregame. They offer interviews with coaches and players. They can during the game get information about someones injury and later on report it. There responsibility is to be up to date with their information about players,coaching changes,injuries,etc. Being skilled in stalking,active learning, and negotiation are some of the skills to be a sports analyst. The work environment depends on the sport you're analyzing. Starting salaries are 20,00 but it can range up to highest earners at 5 million.

Career Connection

I learned that if you want to be a sports analyst you have to have as strong connection with the sports you're analyzing and having good communication skills with others. You also have to learn quickly because anything can happen in sports so you have to be ready for anything.

High School Preparation

You should take a lot of English classes.Since you're talking and analyzing an event you have to talk about it. Another class you can take is any other communication class because you're either on the television or radio . Take sports classes or do a sport to learn about it. When you play it you understand it more. You can maybe work during a basketball,football,or baseball game. Announce or analyse it.


A reference is the action of mentioning or alluding to something. A reference is important because it can help you get into college or into a job. When people say something good about you, you can send the good things they said in your application to college. 3 people that can make a reference for you is a teacher, a coach, and a former boss.

Post Secondary

You at least need to have a bachelors degree and take speech communicate, also broadcast journalism. They're are no training programs for sports analyst.

Shawn Marion being interviewed by sports analyst

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