Move To Texas!

Trust me, you wont regret it

Do not worry its cheap!

The land in Texas is cheap, and if you want to raise your family Texas is the perfect place. Just for one measly acre it is twelve point five cents, now what a deal is that? you can have plenty of room to farm, raise a family, and even own live stock. So, come to Texas and have extra money to burn.

Are you wondering what the land is like?

well the land is magnificent. The climate is mild and perfect for farming. The soil is fertile and filled with nutrients. The land of Texas is also packed with resources so do not worry there is so much to go around. So, come to Texas and take care a

of your family the right way.

There are a couple of rules though!

Since you are moving to Texas there are a couple of things you must know. You must be catholic or willing to become catholic. Speak Spanish/ learn Spanish and have a good character. Last but not least you are not aloud to bring slaves into Texas!

Are you wondering how much land you can get?

There is A lot of land in Texas and depending on who you are and what you do you can get A lot of it. If you remain in Texas during a war you get 1,280 acres. If you remain six months 640 acres. if you remain for three months 320 acres. And as colonists 4,600 for a family and 1,470 for a single man.

So come on down to Texas and live the life you have always dreamed of having!