Bangladesh War Almost Over?

November 23rd 1971

Getting to know the enemy

Pakistan is at this time dominated by ZA Bhutto. Arround this time, we are also noticing a large amount of 'Hippies' following the hippie trail into Pakistan. What this may do for the war, we are not sure yet, but we do know at many shrines, beaches, and bus stops young Pakistanis have come into direct contact with the passing hippies, causing the hippie attire to slightly spread to the pakistans.

Keeping you up to date on the war

The beginning of the war has been considered the climax of a long struggle by east Pakistan. The war became official after thousands of people were killed on the night of March 25. This happened because Pakistani troops launched Operation Searchlight, a campaign intended to deter Bangladeshis from seeking independence. Sources tell us India plans on invading the country, helping vanquish pakistani forces. Because India decided to step in, West Pakistan has become very hostile. But a bonus of India stepping in, is that there is are very realistic hopes that the war may end sometime mid December. If all does go well, more than 90,000 Pakistani troops are expected to surrender at the end of the war. The hope is they will be sent back home following an Indo-Pakistani agreement and are never prosecuted. But an annominous source says pakistan will launch air strikes on India, trying to catch them when they are sleeping. The Indian government says if this happens, they will consider it an act of war, and send their own airstrike that night. This war has been a gruesome one though. It is estimated that around 200,000 women have been raped and the death toll Is said to be around 300,000 to 500,000. Its even been reported that pakistan lost one third of their forces in the war. Remember to be safe everyone, because Bangladeshi Islamic parties have opposed secession from Pakistan this has led to their activists plan to form the core of the pro-Pakistani militias that took part in mass killings, rapes, arson and religious persecution during the war. We hope for peace for the families that lost someone and pray the war will be over soon.