Flipped Videos

Using lecture...and beyond

How does it work?

  • Prepare your class notes via powerpoint. Use Presentation Zen concepts in order to make it visually appealing without too many words on the screen. (http://www.presentationzen.com/)
  • OPTION 1: Upload the powerpoint to www.slideshare.com or your google drive so that it is accessible to students to follow along with.
  • OPTION 2: Using Camtasia or screencast-o-matic, make a screencast of your lecture.
  • Publish the video to your YouTube Channel, then embed within Canvas along with the link to the powerpoint.


  • Hold students accountable for the information by either creating an assignment in Canvas for them to submit their notes via document, or let them record voice memo of their learning
  • Another way to hold students accountable is to embed quizzes into the screencast or at the end. This is common when using a flipped classroom and works for stations like this too.
  • Quizzes can either be done in Canvas or externally through www.socrative.com