Deadliest Wars In History

Large battles with deaths over 20,000,000.

The Qing Dynasty

Also known as the Manchu conquests this war began in the year 1618 due to a conflict in their beliefs with the Ming Dynasty. Which led to a war that would last around seventy years, and the Qing managed to make both the Ming and Shun Dynasty fall, in order for the Qing Dynasty to rise to power in 1644.

Qing rebellion

This war wasn't classified as a war until 1644, when the Qing Dynasty fought the Ming and Shun. It started with lots of rebellions throughout Beijing, attacking the Ming with what little the people had. Rounding up to almost thirty years of rebel actions against the Ming.

Here are some of the weapons used in this war

World War 2

WW2 was by far one of the deadliest wars in recorded history, with over 60 million deaths. At the time that would have been around 3% of the world's population killed during this war.
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The main allied forces consisted of Great Britain, the USSR, the United States, and France. The other countries involved were Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Greece, Yugoslavia, Poland, South Africa, The Netherlands, New Zealand, as well as Norway.
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The main Axis forces consisted of Nazi Germany, Italy, and Japan, the other countries involved were Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.