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Isaac Bancroft ~ Educational & Instructional Technologist

Mind the (Digital) Gap

Digital Capacity is a resource to assist in reducing the gap between traditional educational and 21st century education. Offering tech tips, shortcuts, instructional videos and more to assist instructors in building digital capacity.

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education!! LOVE IT!!

DoDEA has provided Google Apps for Education as a digital tool to all of its teachers and students in grades 3- 12 with the ability for grades K-2 with by request and parent approval. The ability to create, collaborate and share in one click - literally! This tool was once thought of the "Way of the Future!" and quite possible showcased on the Jetson's Cartoon. Well, it is the "way of the present" and many educational institutions are jumping on board. Google provides a suite of "apps" to include Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, Draw and Hangouts for its users to create, collaborate and manipulate from the same location or thousands of miles apart in real-time.

Google Apps for Education has supported instruction at Fort Bragg Schools in its short time we have had it. Students are able to create and share video production scripts to alleviate missing time when teammates are absent. Students are able to write stories, and work through homework from home and communicate through email with their teachers and peers. Instructors have share lesson plans, collaborated on professional development training and have begun flipping their classrooms to provide more student centered time during the instructional day.

All I have to say is, thank you DoDEA for making the educational possibilities endless for our students!!

Creating Desktop Shortcut Icons

DoDEA will no longer add desktop icons to your computers. This is a WONDERFUL thing. It means you, as the user, can control what is on your desktop. In an effort to build your digital capacity, I have provided a short instructional video for creating your own desktop shortcut icons. Enjoy!
Creating Desktop Shortcuts

Meet Isaac

I am the ISS for Educational and Instructional Technology at the DoDEA/DDESS NC: Fort Bragg District Schools. I have earned a MAEd in Instructional Technology and Design and a BS in Early Childhood Education and have been an educator since 2005.

I have been a member of the NCTIES program since 2005 and have presented on integrating technology tools and resources in 2006 and 2009. Additionally, I have recently become an ISTE member and look forward to the knowledge and expertise of many new friends and colleagues.

I encourage you to collaborate closely with your school Ed. Tech. in an effort to continue to build your Digital Capacity. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, and/or concerns.