America in the 1880s-1920s

By:Alma Camacho


By the late 1880 s Industrialization in America started growing rapidly. Businesses started gaining more money and more power over people. New technology like the Bessemer Process which made it more easier for the mining people to work.


Immigration had a good and a bad side because some people would see it as new work opportunities during this time but others would see it as intruders into the country. Most immigrants accepted low wages of money for work in exchange. This made it possible for immigrants to built railroads which allowed more people to move to different places.
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Urbanization during this period was a struggle because of the living conditions people would live in. Having people not makinh enough money to afford a new life. Having people living on Tenement Houses would increasw the proximity of diseases acrross the County
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Alot of people would be against corruption of the Government. Most of theses people would be Muckrakers; they were people who would try to spread thw word pf the corruption that the Government would do.
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America gained so much during imperialism. But it also brought Political corruption into America. The Economy increased so much because Americas companies gained power in other lands. Yellow Journalism was a big thing during this period of time because people would share with peoplw their thoughts.
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During the WW1 America didnt had an election while the US was at war. America lost in economic because they would help other countries. After the war the US gained alot more than what they thought they would win.
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