Math Update

Week of April 11th

This Week in Math

This week we'll complete our final units of the school year - 5.10 Elapsed Time and 5.19 Distributive Property! On Monday we will review 5.14 Probability. Study guides will be due Tuesday. Students will have a test on 5.18 Algebra and 5.19 Distributive Property on Friday. They will complete the study guides in class.

Last week students made individual plans of study for the remainder of the school year. Goals were set based on how your child performed on the Math SGA Test and also took into consideration previous Benchmark Tests and class assessments. Students could choose up to eight topics of study; however, they may have fewer based on mastery of the fifth grade content.

Homework will also follow along with their individual goals. Beginning on Monday, students will bring home a manila folder each night with their chosen homework. Information regarding your child's performance on the math SGA is included in the folder. Please take time to review the goal sheet in the folder with your child. Some topics may take more than one night to complete. Upon completion, students will check their homework and review any errors with me. Students are expected to complete their goals by Friday, May 6th.

Growth Mindset

During our class meetings, fifth graders have been learning about having a growth mindset. As part of our lessons, students were assigned to interview someone they admire this week. Interviews can be completed in person or by phone. Please check in with your child this week to see how their interview planning is going. Thank you!
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Important Dates/Upcoming Assessments

April 12: 5.14 Probability Test

April 15: 5.18 Algebra and 5.19 Distributive Property Test

April 15: PTA Event: Muffins with Mom

April 18: Fifth Grade visit to LCMS

April 21: 5.10 Elapsed Time Test

April 21: Interim reports sent home