Westbourne School

December 2015

We Wish You a Happy Holiday

After a busy and successful academic term the school celebrated the end of term last Friday. We were pleased to recognise the progress achieved by individual students as you can see below.

On behalf of everybody at Westbourne School may I wish you a happy holiday and a successful and peaceful New Year.

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Progress Award Winners

Reception- Thashwen Satheesh

Year 1- Cleo Samuel

Year 2- Muhammad Saqib

Year 3- Adara Trow

Year 4- Holly Strong

Year 5- Musa Saqib

Year 6- Ignacio Uriz Sanchez

Year 7- Georgina Evans

Year 8- Steven Yau

Year 9- Nazar Verenych

Year 10- Christopher Wynne

Year 11- Emily Hobbs

Lower Sixth- Connor Young

Upper Sixth- Matthew Ko

The Richard Haines Memorial Award- Charlotte Wright

Congratulations All!