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Awesome August!

August was almost our best month ever. You guys rocked your summer all month long & I am so proud! I hope you have been able to look at the Bringing Hoopla Home webinars in SDU, are enjoying Dottie, & all the updates we have had to invitations & Trunk Show Planner pages. Also be sure to check out the training calendar for info on this months training calls. Read on for our August Accomplishments, & upcoming training info & incentives.

August Accomplishments!



Whitney--$5,268, Beat her own personal best, Beat me in sales so she gets a free lunch/dinner with me :), Achieved Level 1-3 of RTS, Stellar Seller $100 Credit, 5% commission bonus

Molly--$4,035, Best me in sales this month so she gets a free lunch/dinner with me :), Acheived Levels 2-3 of RTS, 5% commission bonus

Ashley- $3353, Levels 1-4 of RTS, 5% commission bonus

Jody- $3005, Levels 1-2 of RTS, 5% commission bonus

Lauren Shivers- $1919

Holly-$1852, Level 1 of RTS

Brooke-$1652, Level 1 of RTS

Claire- $1048

Qualified stylists:

Whitney, Molly, Ashley, Jody, Lauren, Holly, Brooke, Claire--Congrats to you all for being qualified this month which means you are eligible for coaching commissions(if you have a team) AND receiving business supply credits!

Active stylists:

Whitney, Molly, Ashley, Jody, Lauren, Holly, Brooke, Claire, Brittany, Kelley, Maggie, Katie S, Courtney Read, Kay, & Emily.

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How Do I Spend My Time?

have been realizing that maybe some get overwhelmed with the amount of facebook groups, incentives, and information and get so caught up in that, that they then forget to run their business.

ALL groups/incentives etc are designed to just reward you from running in the Circle of Success--BOOK, SELL & SPONSOR.

This business is to be designed your pace, your way.

Here is what I suggest:

- our team, Stella's Sparklers & Mint Jewelep pages should be checked 1-2 times a day--important info is posted there. 5 min a day

-Southeastern page--check once a day. Its usually just conversations but sometimes I get some good ideas from it.5 min a day

- Mission 30---Mission 30 is to be a place of insipration, and to help you achieve your goals. I suggest checking this group once a day, or just post when you have a sponsoring converstation 5 min a day

- Super Stars group--if you are participaiting in this group, then you are setting yourself up for one amazing fall. I'd suggest taking the time to read through this group a few times a day. It will be like rock the summer and you will get some really great things out of it. 10-15 min a day

That is 30 min total of facebook time a day. Try to stick to this schedule--notice do you need more time? less? is if fueling your business? is it a business building activity?

How to keep up with incentives:

First and foremost, the incentive at the end of the day should be accomplishing whatever goal you have in mind.

So additional incentives & promotions offered by home office or your upline are meant to reward you for your efforts for challenge you to go for more!

- Stack up your rewards: Decide how much free prodcut you want, & then figure out how much you need to sell/sponsor to get it. Its that easy.

- Mission 30 incentive: just have your sponsoring conversations like you normally would & post in the group. Its that easy.

- Soon to be announced Mint Jewelep incentive: have trunk shows---thats it!

Training calls:

I review the training call calendar once a week. I schedule in when I am going to listen to what calls. I try to listen to one a day. Spend 30 minutes on training yourself on your business each day & you will be a rock star. Be a student of this business, learn, grow & develop.

Where to spend most of your time:




In our facebook group check out the document, "How to make a $1,000 a month with 2-5 hours a week".

I hope you found this breakdown of how to spend your time where helpful!

September Trainings

We will resume our Monday all stylist call on September 16th: 7:00pmCST/8:00pmEST
Conference dial-in number: (805) 399-1000
Participant access code: 103882

We will chat time management and what to focus on & of course whatever else you guys want to talk about.

Be sure to check out the training calendar in the lounge for Home Office lead trainings all week long! There are great tips from the top calls, Super Stars group started this week(register ASAP to get in on the exclusive prizes they have for you--EXTRA FPC!), and Deep Dive Training on Sponsoring this week.

Who's stacking up their rewards this month??

Remember this month is Stack Up Your Rewards! Be SURE you earn yourself product credit to use for the holiday collection. TRUST me you will want it all....for every $1000 you sell you get $100 in product credit(must have 2 trunk shows, with $500 in sales & 4 orders each to eligible). Do 4 shows this month of an average of $1000 each:

4 showsX$1000 sales=$400 Product Credit, $1200 commission

Sponsor 1 stylist & when she holds 2 shows you will get ANOTHER $300 in Product Credit!

Join our facebook group!

Be sure you are included in the following:

Stella's Sparklers(that's just our team):

Mint Jeweleps(everyone under Jerry, which includes us):

Stella & Dot Southeastern Group:

Mission 30: Pacing group to help you grow this fall:

Ashley Stork, Star Stylist & Leader with Stella & Dot

Your fearless leader here! If you need anything--schedule a coaching call, advise, assistance, you know where you find me :) Keep working hard to be the best you can be! Remember your business, your goals, your pace, your way!