School Uniforms, Yes or No?

By Aleena S. And Dylan G.

Quote of support

"It seems curious given these substantive reform efforts, administrators continue to insist that uniforms are the sole factor causing a variety of positive educational outcome" -Long Beach sources

Opening Paragraph...

There are children all over the world waking up and putting on their school uniforms. Some are wondering, "why can't we wear what we want ?". We are also against school uniforms for many reasons. For one, they are uncomfortable and take away from students' creativity. They also make bullying worse.

Reason 1

School uniforms can be very uncomfortable. The crisp, starched shirts can be extremely itchy and take away from the learning process. Another problem is some girls may not like the tight skirts they are forced to wear. This also takes away from their concentration. These are all reasons for why school uniforms are not a good idea.

Reason 2

Another reason is a student's creativity. Some kids are just beginning to figure out who they are.When you take away this characteristic this can damage the way they do things.The reason why this important is because when they grow up they will need a job.Lets say they grow up to be an engineer so they will need new ideas and if they think of the same idea every time they will get FIRED!

Reason 3

One more reason school uniforms are bad is they create more bullying problems. School administrators think uniforms will lessen bullying problems, but they are WRONG!!! Uniforms will actually make problems WORSE. The bullies may not have any ideas for a little while, but they will find more ways to bully kids.


Taking away the student's individuality will only suppress them in sadness. It will make bullying problems worse and possibly get them fired later on in life. So please, for the sake of our children, say NO to school uniforms!
Say No to School Uniforms

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