Cri Du Chat

Cats Cry Syndrome


Cri Du Chat is caused by a point deletion, mutation) in the short arm of gene 5. Effects

about 1-50,000 people.

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-Cat like cry

-feeding problems because of difficulty swallowing and sucking;

-low birth weight and poor growth;

-severe cognitive, speech, and motor delays;

-behavioral problems such as hyperactivity, aggression, tantrums, and repetitive movements;

-unusual facial features which may change over time;

-excessive drooling;

-small head and jaw;

-wide eyes;

-skin tags in front of eyes.

This is a child with Cri Du Chat

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Can it be tested?

It can be tested while the baby is in the mothers womb. But it is normally discovered when the baby crys after birth, they will sound like a cat.


At this time there is no cures to Cri Du Chat. But it helps if the child has speaking and physical therapists, and a educational interventionist.