Depression & Suicide Awarness

By: Madison C. & Kameryn M.

Today's Society in Depression and Self-Harm/Suicide

Suicide in today's society is out of control ! So we have wrote an article on suicide, self -harm, and depression. There have been many deaths or reports on people of all ages and all kinds committing suicide or have done self-harm. So in this article you will learn the symptoms and preventions for all of these things. We hope you can use this information and help save a life!

Prevention For All

I hope you have had a great experience learning about suicide and self-harm. Be sure to never put somebody down because it could lead to one of these many things. Spread prevention everywhere you go, and always be the person to help others. There are many ways you could spread prevention, like:

  • Put up signs
  • Have group meetings
  • Talk to somebody
  • Wear bracelets and clothing for awareness
We hope you can be the person to help some one recover from self-harm, depression, or suicidal thoughts!

Self Harm Song (Unkle Adams - On the Inside) *Self-Harm Help Video*