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Job Description:

Represent clients in criminal and civil litigation and other legal proceedings, draw up legal documents, and manage or advise clients on legal transactions. May specialize in a single area or may practice broadly in many areas of law.

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Tasks Required & Skills:

  • Interpret laws and rules
  • Analyze the probable outcomes of cases
  • Present and summarize cases
  • Prepare and draft legal documents
  • Complex problem solving
  • Negotiate settlements of civil disputes
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Act as agent, trustee, guardian or executor
  • Help develop federal and state programs
  • Critical thinking
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Knowledge, Education, Training & Experience

  • Masters degree or law degree
  • 4 years of college + additional 5-7 years of specialized medical training
  • Law & Government
  • Economics & Accounting
  • Psychology
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Administration & Management
  • Customer & Personal Service
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Median Payment

$ 39.40 / hour

$ 82,000 / year

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