The 10th Amendment

Khaidjat Ibrahim 4th Block 12-11-14

Definition of the 10TH Amendment

The powers not delegated to the united states by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.
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Court Case

One of the most influential court cases centering on the Tenth Amendment is Hammer v. Dagenhart (1918). It all began with child labor. Children between ages 7 and 16 worked really hard in places like dirty fcatories. Yet, they were given no education opportunities. Fedral government stayed out of this issue, because it stated the amount of hours each children worked as an interferance with the employers right to enter in the contract. concern for this issue starts to grow. Law was created that allowed the fedral government to interfare with the issue, and the act prohibited shipments for employers who employed young children that worked too many hours. Not many people were happy with the law. A man had argued that it was unconstitutional, and fedral government didnt have right to tell people how to run their business. it was taken to supereme courts and was declared to be saftey for the children and it bacame an official law.
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MY Creation of a Court case

Mrs. Rodgers class had gone to the computer lab to work on a project. while working, a student had gotten out her ear buds to listen to music, though Mrs. Rodgers doesn't have a problem with it. A few minutes later, the principle of the school comes in to inspect the class and realized the girl with ear buds listening to music. HE quickly seizes the student's ear buds and firmly says that music isn't authorized. The student argued and confirms that her teacher has allowed her to listen to music on the computer with her ear buds Though, the principle refuses to give them back to the student, the principle then told the teacher about the rule and declared that the students couldn't use ear buds to listen to music on the school's technology, because it was a distraction. Therefore, the principle informed other teachers about the rule and for all the students to follow. From now on, students are prohibited to use earbuds to listen to music with the school's computer.
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