By: Damarion HIcks

Lorenzo and Ruben Hart Compare and contrast

Lorenzo was a teenager who lived in Phoenix,Arizona and Ruben was teen who lived in Rhode Island.Both Ruben and Lorenzo felt that they weren't loved by there dad's.Some other similarities they have is that they stayed in trouble or in bad situations and had friend/Friends or someone to help them get out of trouble.Some differences they have is that they lived totally different lives, Lorenzo lives in fear and inadequacy of most things.Ruben has no problems besides his town's people are doing bad things and daddy issues he doesn't know the struggle Lorenzo goes through.

Oscar Sequence

Oscar had to do a lot of things to become the successful man he is today.When he was just a little kid he came to america with his parents and them believing that he had a much better chance of finding a living.Years later he joins his high school underwater robotics team and they beat MIT.Next he goes on to college then gets recognized by the President of the United states.He later self deports himself to be able to come back legally.Then he comes back and he is now legal and wants pursue his life-long dream of being in the army.

Peter Butkus Description

Peter Butkus was just a regular kid until the fourth grade when his teacher realized that he couldn't really see\read the board well.The teacher notified his parents and recommended them to see a eye doctor and the eye doctor recommended them to an eye specialist s and they worried it would be something more serious than just glasses.The eye specialists diagnosed Peter with stargardt disease which is retinal deterioration.When he became a freshman in high school he just wanted to play basketball and he made the team.He decided that he wouldn't tell the coaches that he was legally blind and didn't tell them until his junior year but no one knew because he was so good.

Caines's arcade cause and effect

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Najda Sequene

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