Perservering through failure

written by: Kaushik Karthikeyan

Elvis Presley and his failures onthe way to being succesful

Many musicians started out, with a bad background that they don’t want to look back at. One of those people is Elvis Presley. Now, Elvis was embarrassed to look at his early life, before he became a star, because he was fired by a precision tool company, when they found out he was underage. Sooner or later his job was being a truck driver. Eventually, He became one of the first main singers to popularize in rock style of music. Elvis became famous because of his unique style of singing. As one of the best-selling artists of all time, Elvis’s name became so common because of his music and the way he sang. Even, years later after Elvis died, his music was still around. But back in 1954, Elvis was a nobody and Jimmy Denny, Elvis’s manager fired Elvis Presley after just one performance telling him, "You ain't goin' nowhere, son. You ought to go back to being a truck driver ." Elvis had failed his first time as being a singer because people had rejected the way he sang. This was a problem to him,because if people didn’t like the way he sang then he would not be able to grow in the music field. Elvis’s solution was to persevere through his obstacle and keep trying until they would like the way he sings. Elvis failed at many things before he became a successful singer and the KING OF ROCK. Two of them was being a drug addict and not being able to be committed in a relationship. Since, Elvis had a huge problem in sleeping, he needed something to make him sleep. The answer to his problem was taking drugs. Although, he had many failures in his life, he was still able to become one of the most historic singers of all time.

Tom Brady and Ludwig both folowed this quote

Beethoven a successful failure

Beethoven was one of the best conductors in the entire world. Ever since he was a child his passion was always in composing music, but his parents thought he wasn’t good enough to be a composer, so they made him play the violin. Beethoven’s father was a drunk and would ask Beethoven to play at any moment or time, he wanted his son to be the next Mozart and this is how he thought his son would be great at music. His father and grandfather were all in music, so that inspired Beethoven to get into music .Beethoven had such a strong passion for conducting , that when ever he had to practice playing the violin he would eventually be conducting his music and lose focus of playing the instrument. This lead him to be one of the best composers in early history of all time.One way he has failed in life is quitting the violin and his lose of hearing. When Beethoven lost his hearing he eventually had to put a big cone around his ear to listen to his orchestra that he was conducting to. Also something that had caused his hearing loss was that when he wanted to stay awake he would dump his entire head in to freezing, ice cold water. Some other ways that are possibilities that could have caused his hearing loss is that he had bipolar disorder throughout his entire Adult life. He also had impaired hearing that was incurable and was with him from birth. This is how Beethoven lost his hearing and how he became one of the best composers in the world.
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