Open Hose Smore

By: Abby Spicka

Earthquake PBL

When my teacher said that we were going to build a house for Tony Stark, I totally freaked out. I thought we actually thought we had to build a house. Then she said it was going to be a model, I was so happy. We had to make sure the house didn't fall apart during the fake earthquake test. We did so good, that ti survived the test, YAY.

Invention Convention

In class we started to build a robot, just my group. It is a lot of fun building a robot. We made mistakes but we fixed it. We are hoping it will look good for open house, so far so good. I love building the robot, it is a big challenge. This is so different from what I'm used to doing. We ushaly go in our ISN to work. This for me is a lot of fun.