Patrick Demarchelier

Christy Turlington for British Vogue

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Taken in 1992, this Demarchelier photo features the American model Christy Turlington. Like most of his photos, Patrick's thought process was to capture the moment the model forgets about the camera to capture a completely natural expression on their face. Any Patrick Demarchelier photo is going to be famous by some degree, but the reason why this is one of his most iconic photos to date is perhaps because of the serene beauty captured in this one photo. This is definitely a studio photo.

My Opinion

I love this portrait, the contrast is perfect for a black and white photo, the simple yet elegant smile on her face, it's just a gorgeous photo which is the reason I choose this particular portrait out of the many famous Vogue portraits he has done. I wouldn't change a thing, I personally believe that it is as close to perfect that it can get. One thing that is very unique is the gigantic flower hat that she's wearing and how it covers the top half of her face.