Origami Owl Living Lockets

Susan Bruggeman #3728 Independent Designer Origami Owl

Independent Designer & Team Leader of the NightOwls of the Shining Jewels.

Would you love to create your own keepsake jewelry locket or necklace with a very personal meaning? Using O2 Living Lockets, charms, chains, dangles, plates and TAGS, you are able to put your story in a locket to wear close to your heart. Lockets open and have magnetic clasps that allow wearer to change the theme or story inside the locket. This company was founded by 14 year old Bella Weems. She had a dream and created the fastest growing direct sales company in the USA! O2 strives to be a force for good changing the lives of others!

Locket themes can be faith, family, pet, love, baby, wedding, travel, honeymoon, sports team, school, sorority, food, vintage, birthstones/charms, initials and number themed. The possibilities are endless and personal. Fortune cookie jewelry pouch and take out gift box comes with each living locket purchased.

Not sure how to start? Just contact me and I will be glad to help!

Living Lockets

Lockets can be ordered thru my always open business website. http://susanb.origamiowl.com/

Order thru http://susanb.origamiowl.com/ or thru me directly by CharmsChainsAndLocketsOhMy@gmail.com or 402-314-0460. I do carry inventory and can help you customize, purchase and ship gift ready for you. Accept Visa, Discover and Master Card.

Susan Bruggeman #3728 Independent Designer O2, Team Leader and Mentor to NightOwls

Let me help you with your personal gifts for any occasion. I am adding new designers to my NightOwl Team. Apply at http://susanb.origamiowl.com/join/how-it-works/ enter 3728 as my Mentor Designer ID. Host a home jewelry bar to earn free items and discounts. Host a book or virtual jewelry bar with the same hosting benefits. Contact me for more information. I will get back to you within 24 hours or less. Become a designer and earn a living full time or part time. Can't find a job? How about direct sales? O2 is a wonderful product that almost sells itself! I am recruiting designers coast to coast in the USA.

Limited Edition Changed for the better Rascal Flatts/O2 Tag

Order yours today while they last!

26" chain available, too!

Now thru early April or until they are all sold.