Long Live the Queen!

Off to England!

My dream trip to Europe.

Bring on the accents, royalty and bad teeth, I'm taking a trip to London.

General Facts

Saturday, March 29th, 6pm to Saturday, April 5th, 11pm

London, United Kingdom

Day 1: 11:50 am Mar 29: Embark on a 12 hour flight to London England.

Day 2: Relax and walk around the city, visit markets and local landmarks.

Day 3: Visit the Tate Modern, an international art gallery.

Day 4: Stroll around Notting Hill and the surrounding shops and restaurants.

Day 5: Take a guided bus tour around the city.

Day 6: Relax and do what I want.

Day 7: 7:30 am Apr 5: Leave London for home on another 12 hour flight.

Spend the week at the Olympic House Hotel, $800 for the week. About $2000 for tickets to and from. Unknown amount of money needed for attractions and souvenirs, but bring at least $500 extra. Total comes to $3300.

Facts of London

Founded in 1694, the Bank of England was the first privately owed national bank in any country.

The world's oldest public zoo opened in London in 1828.

Three of the top ten museums and galleries in the world are in London and 857 in total.

London has more than 800 bookshops and over 380 public libraries including British.

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